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Why should you be at next – CMI Co:NEXT?


CMI hosted its first-ever event Co:NEXT 2020, brought to you by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Centilytics, at The Roseate House, New Delhi, India. CMI Co:NEXT is one of a kind cloud conference dedicated to ensuring a platform for like-minded people.

The agenda of the event was “360 degrees Cloud Management – A Shared Responsibility“.

The event was packed into a short and crisp evening with four sessions; commenced by Mr. Kumar Abinash (Founder, CMI). He acknowledged the phenomenal growth that cloud market has seen, which is actually just the surface of the entire cloud computing industry. Cloud as a technology is here to stay and will be beneficial for the tech ecosystem in 2020 and beyond.

CMI Founder’s Opening Note

CMI Founder’s Message to the attendees,

“It is easy for people to tell others what to do, We need to understand what works for them might not work for us; one size does not fit all. All of us early adopters and the businesses born on the cloud are learning by doing it. As the first adopters, we stand a chance to set an example for the generation of businesses to come in the future. The benefit of being first — is that we direct where our story leads.”

1. Panel Discussion

The panel comprised of Mr. Nirbhab Barat (CTO at Lenskart) and Mr. Amit Gupta (CTO and Co-founder, Healthians), moderated by Mr. Aditya Garg (CEO and Co-founder, Centilytics).

The theme for the panel was “Cloud is a marathon, not a sprint.

Mr. Amit Gupta shared how Healthians, as a healthcare business, is relying on the cloud for scalability. Healthians is a cloud-only infrastructure with the policy to not own any infrastructure and spend the energy in business innovation rather than just IT maintenance. The key services that Healthians is using are Route53, NLB, ELB, CloudFront, Redis, EC2, Lambda, RDS, Aurora, ElasticSearch, DMS, S3, Glacier, IAM, VPC, API Gateway etc.

Mr. Nirbhab Barat shared how Lenskart’s journey to achieve the goal of providing seamless customer experiences wouldn’t have been possible without cloud technology. Lenskart earlier was using few servers, but as the company has scaled is now focusing on the security and database load.


2. Keynote by Mr. Prateek Garg (Thought leader and a visionary)

Mr. Prateek Garg shared his viewpoint about the present-day cloud ecosystem and how vendors are collaborating to provide end-users a unified solution. He emphasized that SaaS platforms dominating the licensing business, which is, to some extent, due to the cloud.

He said, “The speed at which cloud adoption is growing, public cloud providers are able to cut prices. The scalability and agility that public cloud providers offer will be difficult to match either on-prem or by the hosting service providers.”

“Cloud is a huddle between the cloud providers, managed service providers, and the customers. All three of them need to work together to make cloud journey a success.” he added.


3. A session on “How to build an optimized infrastructure?”

A live demonstration of a conversation between a customer and Team Centilytics on the basic problems faced by customers. The session gave attendees an idea on how to ensure that the infrastructure is optimized for one’s unique use case.

Watch the entire demonstration at the below link:


4. A candid conversation between Mr. Prateek Garg and Mr. Vivek Gupta 

An enlightening conversation between two of the most prominent industry leaders and eminent personalities from the IT industry. They brought thought-provoking points to the table about how cloud problems can only be solved if different vendors are willing to come together and collaborate to solve end-user problems.


Key Takeaways from Co:NEXT 2020

The idea of Co:NEXT was to define three fundamental principles to follow in the next decade and beyond:

1. One vendor cannot solve all the problems for the end-customers; we need specialists to do every primary task – “A generalist vs specialist view”.

2. “Cloud is a shared responsibility”, and we need collaborative effort to operate seamlessly on cloud.

3. Climate change is real. CMI took an initiative to take a pledge along with all the attendees by offering them a Terrarium (an ecosystem in a jar) to inspire others and create a ripple effect to safeguard the future of the planet.

Looking at the encouraging response by the attendees, Co:NEXT, officially, will be an annual event to bring out the best of cloud industry and build a foundation for the future.

See you at the next Co:NEXT! in your city.

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Cloud Evangelist
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