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Video Conferencing App Zoom Leaves Oracle, Inks Deal With AWS For Cloud Services


Amazon Web Services has just released a statement announcing that Zoom has selected AWS as its preferred cloud partner. The video conferencing app had partnered with Oracle earlier, but that stint lasted just for six months. Zoom app saw an increase in demand “virtually overnight” due to COVID-19, ever since remote working became common among enterprises. AWS also stated that the two enterprises have inked multi-year agreements to ensure long-lasting relations.

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Zoom already had multiple contracts for AWS ‘ solutions to scale its business and operations amid the pandemic. As the number of enterprises using Zoom increased, demands had also been increasing in various departments all over the company and AWS assisted the appmaker. For instance, AWS added more than 1,000 Amazon Workspaces desktops to Zoom’s helpdesk teams. Integration with AWS ranging from storage, content distribution, compute, security, and many more, ensured that Zoom is able to develop new solutions to ease the process of organizations running hybrid offices and remote work models.

Originally Zoom had Oracle as their preferred cloud partner; however, it expanded its relations with AWS due to the rapid surge in demand followed by increased users ranging from educational background to enterprises using it for business meetings. Zoom had the capability to handle a workload of around 10 million users daily when it was in business with Oracle Cloud and that changed drastically to 300 million per day since its partnership with AWS in effect from April 2020.

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With the flood of new users, it was also a challenge for Zoom to keep up with the customer services demands that were swiftly handled with Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktops to provide help desk support to its users and employees working remotely. Zoom also streams major entertainment and sporting events with the help of Amazon’s top-notch ever improving infrastructure and provides a private “threat intelligence team” to monitor Zoom’s environments.

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Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan commented, “faced with unprecedented global demand this past year we’ve been able to handle it, in significant part, by running the substantial majority of our cloud-based workloads on our preferred cloud provider, AWS, and relying on AWS’s performance and scalability. Looking forward, we will continue to innovate alongside AWS to re-invent virtual collaboration and deliver secure and exciting experiences for our customers.” He also mentioned that Zoom has already shifted most of its cloud workloads to AWS environment.


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