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Upcoming Microsoft Channel Partners Quarterly Briefing: Everything You Need To Know


IAMCP (International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners), the world’s largest community of Microsoft partners, has just announced that its Quarterly Partner Briefing will be held on 3rd and 4th February. IAMCP began in just four countries, and now it has become a global entity with operations in more than 40 countries. IAMCP has over 2000 members worldwide and is divided into multiple chapters. Microsoft Partner Network is one of the largest networks in the industry and has the maximum number of members. IAMCP aims to provide more value to Microsoft partners with enhanced connections, access to Microsoft events, and Microsoft Partner Network enablement.

What is IAMCP?

When it comes to choosing a perfect partner to grow your business and achieve a better ROI, there are no shortcuts. In the field of cloud services, the perfect partner can make all the difference in the world. However, finding the perfect partner is difficult and often takes up a lot of resources. IAMCP aims to resolve the same issue and tries to make navigating the Microsoft partners arena easier. The main motive of IAMCP is to “bring Microsoft Partners together to leverage their joint strengths in delivering world-class solutions to clients.”

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IAMCP Quarterly Partner Briefing

IAMCP holds various events all around the year to help Microsoft partners meet trustworthy and like-minded professionals. IAMCP holds around 360 meetings per year around the globe at some level. The most prominent one of which is the Quarterly Partner Briefing. The upcoming 2nd Quarterly Partner Briefing is taking place on 3rd and 4th February.

The quarterly briefing is famous for helping partners accelerate their businesses. The briefing is traditionally held at physical locations, but the challenging conditions presented by COVID-19 have led to this year’s event being held digitally. The topics generally covered in these quarterly meetings are:

  • Help partners leverage the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Sales Enablement for Modern Workplaces
  • Multiple Partner Incentives

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Apart from these, the briefing also provides assets and training sessions to strengthen the workforce of the affiliated partners, including but not limited to:

  • Helping partners build a better AI/ML
  • Help them adjust according to market needs
  • Power Platform & Teams App Templates
  • Development for Commercial Marketplace
  • Using Microsoft’s Focus on Technical Enablement

Even after the organizations clear the audits or achieve the Microsoft Partner badge, the journey has only begun for them. It is imperative for partners to understand ways to leverage opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones. Talking about this particular iteration of the event, the event on 3rd February will take place for organizations based in the Americas only with focus on communities like WiC, WiT, and BCPA. Whereas on the 4th, the event will take place for organizations from APAC, EMEA, and the Americas and will be focused on special content sessions with “Ask Me Anything” sessions followed by region-specific agendas.

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The QPB also involves packages for organizations to showcase their experience and attract potential leads. This time around, one of the sponsors is Centilytics — an intelligent Cloud Management Platform — that helps Microsoft partners deliver the best services to their customers while capitalizing on market opportunities.

Make sure to tune into the IAMCP Quarterly Partner Briefing on 3rd and 4th February to learn more about the event and benefit from Microsoft certified partners’ experience.


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