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Top 5 Cloud Computing News: November 2019


We have a lot to cover from the month of October! Microsoft acquires 20th startup in the 2019 fiscal year, Google cloud’s cloud would remain on track – even not meeting the expectations, and much more. Let’s quickly get through the cloud computing news that you might have missed in October.

1. Google’s cloud would remain on track – even if the Alphabet’s earnings missed expectations.

In a post, Alphabet announced their earings, and it was missing the analyst expectations – yet as the company’s other cash cows continue to grow revenues. Still, the Executive is confident about Google Cloud.

Other revenues in which the Google Cloud is a part – the company continues not to show its full hand – hitting $6.42 billion (£ 5.01 billion) for Q319, a rise of 38.5 percent year-on-year and an improvement of almost 4 percent from the previous quarter.

2. Did Microsoft win the JEDI contract because of the trump card?

The biggest announcement that takes the cloud world as a storm came from the Department of Defense (DoD) that Microsoft had won the long-detailed $10 billion JEDI ( Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) cloud computing contract. It draws attention from many industry experts as a shock or surprise because everyone saw AWS as a front runner to win this contract. 

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3. Microsoft acquires Mover for seamless cloud migration.

Microsoft adds another name in their acquisition list of 2019, by announcing their purchase of a Canadian startup called Mover.

This acquisition makes them the busiest company of the 2019 fiscal year; now Microsoft acquired 20 startups in 2019 and has spent $9.1 billion.

Microsoft purchases Mover to make the migration over Microsoft 365 as easy as possible. This announcement comes after the six weeks of their Movere acquisition. Microsoft explains that this technology will make the Azure migration an easier process for its customers. 

Microsoft 365 is a bundle of services that includes Office 365, security tools, Microsoft Teams, and workflow.

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4. Teradata selects Google Cloud Platform for its Vantage analytics

Google has partnered with Teradata, which will see the data analytics solutions vendor offer its Vantage Cloud Analytics platform on the Google Cloud Platform starting from next year.

Vantage, which aims to combine analytics, data lakes, and data warehouses, is already available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Also, Teradata said it would add native support to low-cost cloud storage, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and finally, to Google Cloud Storage. 

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5. AWS reports $8.99 billion in revenues for Q319, yet slowing and concerns analysts

Last month Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its revenues for the most recent quarter; which was almost $9 billion – but their growth fell on last year’s totals. That means a more subdued outlook. 

AWS reported $8.99bn (£ 7bn) for Q319 at an annual growth rate of 35 percent – but this contrasts with Q219 development of 37 percent and last year’s growth rate of 46 percent.

Amazon’s cloud arm now accounts for 12.8 percent of Amazon’s total revenue; compared to 11.8 percent for the quarter of the previous year.

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