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Top 10 AWS Services that are must for Digital Transformation


Amazon Web Services is the name that has revolutionized the world of computing! How? Amazon Web Services or AWS is Amazon’s cloud service, where you can find various building blocks as services to develop and implement any cloud application. The various AWS services are designed to work in tandem with each other to create highly sophisticated and scalable applications. Here you will find the best AWS solutions that can help in digital transformation.

1. Amazon EC2

Physical servers are never cheap, but with Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2), forget about the physical servers, create applications without hardware to save time and money. It lets you manage other features such as security, storage, ports, etc. This enables getting our things done on Virtual Machines. With Amazon EC2, we can create servers as per our preferred OS in minutes. 

The Virtual machine image of the platform is called “instance” by the publisher. The real intention to develop it was web service for hardware and less environment for applications. This way, we can have more time to take care of projects and spend less time maintaining servers.  

2. Amazon RDS

With Amazon Relational database service, Amazon helps us to make our infra less complicated and can be handled without any hassle; that is why Amazon provides us the RDS service. The benefit of this service is it offers dedicated instances for databases within minutes. They focused on the rationing of a setup such as SQL, PostgreSQL, etc., fully managed by the AWS support team. 

Finally, surrendered instances make it easy and helpful.

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3. Amazon S3

When the matter comes to security. Well, Amazon S3 gives us a breath of relief when we talk about data, because it guarantees users up to the level of 99.99999% incredible secure infra. Besides, they also have integrations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA / HITECH, FedRAMP, our data will never be compromised.

This might also interest you to know that the most in-demand app Netflix uses Amazon S3 for consistency and data records, other than this SmugMug and Reddit is also using this service. 

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4. Amazon CloudFront

Is your website loads fast? Does your user have to wait for seconds to load the page? In association with Global Content Delivery Service, commonly known as CDN, Amazon provides highly efficient content delivery and presentation platform with minimum latency and allows integration of other AWS services.

5. Amazon VPC

AWS cloud ensures the security of your data leaks or breaches if all the security measures are taken. To eliminate every possibility of data leaks; you need to make sure that the information is available to those who are authorized under a private network. 

With AWS VPC, you can create a private virtual network where external IP addresses will not be permitted to access until they are allowed. This way, your information will not be exposed.

6. Amazon SNS

Simple Notifications service by amazon is working since 2010; it manages and delivers the messages or notifications of users and clients from the AWS cloud platform. In SNS, there are two types of clients, subscribers, and publisher. As the name suggests, the publisher produces and sends the messages to the subscriber through a communication channel (supported channels are Amazon SQS, HTTP, and Lambda, etc.).

200+ countries allow this system. The cost may look a bit scary in a way, but they are logically applicable as it uses push delivery of messages.

7. Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

It’s an essential part for all the developers out there, as it shifts the focus directly to the development of applications and does not make any developers worry about the infrastructure. You can say Infrastructural demerit-resistant.

It is one of the most helpful services which indirectly influences the quality of the core framework of the system of application designing.

The Beanstalk handles the reduction in complex conditions arising while developing an application.

8. Amazon Lambda

Amazon Lambda works for serverless architecture so that users can execute their code without any EC2 server. Developers often encounter problems related to conflicts between development demands and the infrastructure they have at their disposal. Therefore, AWS Lambda provides a highly supportive ecosystem for any development task. Thus, developers could be assured to run their codes and increase effectiveness by allowing AWS Lambda to provide all the necessary resources for the same.

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9. Amazon Auto Scaling

Traffic is everywhere. To avoid getting stopped, Amazon provides us something cooler, and they named it Auto Scaling. Schedule based and time-based scaling mechanisms make everything easier, faster, and more productive. This concept of efficiency may not always work, especially when it comes to those applications which are time-critical in nature. It is an essential part of a few complications.

10. Amazon Elastic Cache

In 2011, Amazon posted a new platform for patching software and backing up data with a few more features named Amazon Elastic Cache. Automated management of data, including dynamic additions and removal of resources during the formation of applications.

It is an unbiased approach for scaling purposes. It has options of on-demand nodes and reserved nodes for deployment function.

Final Words

Amazon is a prominent name among some cloud services providers. It has a wide variety of services with which it keeps experimenting for finding another innovative way for developers and entrepreneurs. Their culture of modification and renewal of old active items with new fresh ideas and functions. It has involved as an excellent platform for all developers. You may call it a heaven for them.

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