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Tenable Makes New Additions to its Portfolio; EDGE-WEEK 2020 Major Announcements


Cyber exposure firm Tenable has announced new additions to its portfolio that include scanning and measurement features aimed at reducing cloud security risks amid the global pandemic. Cloud tech has provided much needed solutions in these trying times, and made people’s lives easier all over the world, making more and more organizations adopt cloud technology. Tenable has also gone beyond its traditional cyber exposure platform to help its users assess the cyber threats in this modern environment and take necessary measures to reduce risks.  

Tenable has launched Frictionless Assessment on Amazon Web Services. It is a new sensor technology that analyzes cloud assets directly without any scanners, agents, or software. It uses cloud-native services that allow users to detect new vulnerabilities and quickly evaluate cloud assets. It also allows visibility of the exposure without the need to manage scan schedules, credentials, or agents. Overall, it gives a clear view of the cyber risk across all cloud-based assets.  

 Tenable.io now fully supports Tenable.ot and delivers visualization, security and control of converged and distributed IT/OT environments.  Tenable.io users can avail  a single view of security issues for all IT, cloud, web app, and OT vulnerabilities. It is designed to provide relevant information to the stakeholders about vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to business. The upgraded version of Lumin uses machine learning to allow security teams to measure how quickly and efficiently they can remediate vulnerabilities. 

“Lumin now allows our customers to properly assess and track their Cyber Exposure and the maturity of their processes,” Renaud Deraison, Chief Technology Officer of Tenable, stated. “For the first time, they can evaluate the ROI of their investments towards remediation and mitigation and understand how they stack up against their peers,” he further added. 

“Armed with these new capabilities, Tenable users will be equipped to see everything, predict what matters most and act to address cyber risk so they can effectively align their cybersecurity initiatives with business objectives,” said Nathan Dyer, Product Marketing Director at Tenable. 

Tenable has also designed a new mitigation function to evaluate a security team’s response to risks when remediation isn’t possible.  It will also provide alternatives if remediation is not possible. The mitigation function gives a clear picture of whether the company’s assets have endpoint security controls to understand if mitigating controls are deployed and operating as per expectation. This capability is go live in the fourth quarter, along with Predictive scoring. Predictive scoring will deliver a comprehensive insight into an organization’s overall cyber exposure. It will provide an accurate picture of an organization’s cyber exposure, as it infers the exposure scores of groups of assets before they are assessed in detail. This helps security teams identify areas of potentially high risk.  

Tenable will discuss more such new additions in its event EDGE WEEK 2020, held from October 5th, 2020 till October 9th, 2020. Watch out this space for more information.  

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