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SODA Foundation Paving The Path For Data Autonomy


The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today announced the SODA Foundation, previously OpenSDS, is expanding to include both open source software and standards to support the increasing need for data autonomy. SODA Foundation hosts an open-source, unified, and autonomous data management framework for data mobility from edge to core to cloud.

Premiere members include China Unicom, Fujitsu, Huawei, NTT Communications, and Toyota Motor Corporation. Other members include China Construction Bank Fintech, Click2Cloud, GMO Pepabo, IIJ, MayaData, LinBit, Scality, Sony, Wipro, and Yahoo Japan.

As part of the expansion, China Unicom is contributing its S3-compatible object storage YIG project to the SODA Foundation. YIG is the first in a line of projects that are joining the Foundation through the SODA Incubator program designed to foster an ecosystem of data and storage projects by supporting their growth through community outreach, collaboration, and adoption.

The idea of data autonomy is to give you the power to maintain control of your data, no matter where it lives. With data autonomy, your data can be stored and used no matter where it resides: On-premise, public, hybrid, multi-cloud. In addition, it will let you manage it securely with granular data access control. This will enable your company to be data-agile, so you can respond to sudden shifts in the market, new opportunities, and unforeseen threats quickly, without losing data or services.

The SODA Foundation today is also announcing the release of Faroe, the 1.0 version of its Open Data Framework software for cloud-native and more. With support for block, file, and object storage, multi-cloud data control, telemetry, and resource management across heterogeneous storage, Faroe eliminates data silos, delivers integrated data management, and enables seamless data mobility between on-premise and multi-cloud. Faroe also includes Container Storage Interface (CSI) storage plug-and-play as an experimental feature that simplifies Kubernetes storage management by abstracting CSI storage with SODA.

“Providing a neutral forum where both vendors and end-users can contribute to building and integrating data management solutions for mobility and autonomy is our goal,” said Steven Tan, chairman, SODA Foundation, and VP & CTO of Cloud Solution at Futurewei. “These new investments and our expanding scope will help us support a growing community of open source data professionals who are pushing the envelope on these technologies.”

As data moves between the cloud, on-premise, and, increasingly, the Edge, data management is becoming more complex. And the increasing number of technologies supporting data management has created even more difficulty, including unintentional silos for data storage. During a time when data mobility and autonomy is more important than ever, it’s critical that we simplify management, unify storage pools, and provide a vendor-neutral forum and platform that can accelerate innovation for end-users. SODA Foundation seeks to reduce silos by integrating efforts across platforms for overall data mobility and autonomy.

“With data privacy and treatment at the top of every company’s priority list, the SODA Foundation serves an important role across industries,” said Mike Dolan, senior vice president and GM of projects at the Linux Foundation. “With new membership commitments, from vendors and end-users alike, and an expanded scope to integrate software and standards, we believe this community will have an incredible impact in the coming months and years.”

For official press release: https://www.linuxfoundation.org/press-release/2020/06/soda-foundation-gains-new-investments-expands-charter-to-address-increasing-need-for-data-autonomy/

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