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Salesforce & Okta Form Strategic Partnership to Help Businesses During the Pandemic


Salesforce Inc. recently announced its partnership deal with Okta Inc., which aims to help businesses during this current pandemic. The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for organizations and wherein technology has helped keep businesses running. To further support businesses, Salesforce, the global leader in the CRM platform, and Okta, the leading identity management platform, have partnered to integrate the Okta Identity Cloud with Salesforce’s Work.com. It will enable enterprises to build trust and resiliency with their employees and customers.   

Salesforce is the most commonly deployed CRM platform in the Okta Integration Network. Its Work.com platform helps companies prioritize their employees’ well-being and enables them to safely engage with their customers. The platform also supports communities to respond to any emergency. The collaboration of the two platforms makes it easier for Salesforce subscribers to give employees and vendors access to multiple systems that were previously not integrated seamlessly.   

By combining Okta’s identity management with Salesforce’s Work.com workplace solutions, organizations get a secure, automated solution to support reopening efforts. It allows leaders across varied verticals to deploy Work.com, along with maintaining the highest levels of security, irrespective of location.  

The three significant advantages of this partnership are – 

  • It provides a streamlined end-user experience and thereby boosts productivity in the workforce.   
  • The conjunction of the two platforms provides automated provisioning that improves security and reduces IT costs.  
  • It enhances the security level and protects sensitive data from any sort of breaches.   

After this deal, Salesforce customers can enable employees to sign-in to Work.com with a single click by leveraging their existing identity providers or corporate directories such as Active Directory. It also simplifies the IT team’s work to synchronize data from HR systems to automatically create users in Work.com, thereby helping organizations quickly and securely deploy Work.com and reduce the effort and time. 

Sarah Franklin, executive vice president and general manager for Platform, Trailhead, and AppExchange at Salesforce, said, “the new normal demands a new way to work and as technology companies, it’s our job to reduce as much friction as possible for companies so they can treat their employees like valued customers. Together, we’ll increase IT productivity and provide employees with a seamless experience.”  

On the security side, the partnership aims to protect sensitive data by enforcing stricter controls. It will allow the easy provision and de-provision of users, establish fine-grained controls for permissions, and implement multi-factor authentication for specific users or groups with access to sensitive data in Work.com. 


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