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Rightsizing: The Secret Key to Unlock Cloud Cost Optimization


As per the latest prediction on cloud spending from Gartner for 2019, overall IT spending will reach $3.8 trillion this year; a growth of 3.2% from last year. It is also expected that public cloud spending will reach the staggering $206.2 Billion. Moreover, Gartner also says that Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will rise to 27.6 % in 2019; and reach the $39.5 billion mark from $31 billion which was in 2018.

Organizations tend to waste a significant amount of cloud spend which can be controlled. You can regularly optimize your resources to control all the unnecessary expenditures. But, the most standard way to do this is to practice rightsizing.

What do you understand by Rightsizing?

Rightsizing means to modify, upgrade or downgrade, your existing cloud infrastructure to balance and meet the exact demand of your business. Public cloud allows you to rightsize a wide range of services for they incur up to 50% of the total monthly costs.

Rightsizing helps you to identify underutilized resources and settle on an effective decision; either vertically adjusting those resources allotted to the instance or releasing them. The two things you can most effectively rightsize are instance size and volume types. If an instance in your cloud account is being underutilized, you can switch down to a size or two. Another two elements that you can rightsize are the disk storage type and performance.

Two main causes for considering rightsizing of your instances:

  • Either your workload is no longer resource intensive (memory or compute resources) as it was,
  • or you might have overprovisioned the compute power than required and it can be accidental or intentional.

13 Reasons Why?

  1. Understanding your CPU and Memory Utilization is the kick-start point for you

  2. If your infrastructure is not a part of auto-scaling groups, you need to have continuous monitoring and automated alerts in place to flag underutilized resources.

  3. However, before you get ahead in the “rightsizing game”, it is quite important to get a reality check on how your applications utilize resources (CPU and Memory).

  4. Choose the right instance type for your workloads.

  5. Try to keep its utilization above 80% to get the most out of your application running on cloud.

  6. To stay on the right track, continuously track utilization of the resources and fine-tune them as per the need in order to make data-driven decisions.

  7. As your workloads scale, it becomes difficult to rightsize your resources, meet business demand and reduce operational costs. A cloud management platform can help.*

Centilytics, an intelligent cloud management platform, gives you actionable insights, predictive analysis of workload patterns and recommendations on how & what you should rightsize in your cloud. Our granular data visualizations help you right-size your instances and renew the instance by upgrading or downgrading it.

*The rest 6 reasons are on Tape Side B. Stay tuned!

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