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Puppet Launches Comply, Aims To Automate Cloud Security Compliance


Puppet, an infrastructure automation firm, has announced the launch of Puppet Comply. The new product by the company will help ensure cybersecurity compliance for organizations. Puppet Comply aims to deliver continuous compliance for enterprises on-premise and cloud environments across major industry compliance frameworks.


The Portland-based company is one of the leading names in the infrastructure management automation sector. The latest launch by the company will help it further cement its position in the market as the competition heats up due to its competitors being acquired by major brands.

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The company cited Globalscape’s findings that state non-compliant costs for organizations have climbed 45 percent since 2011 to reach over $14.82 million. This rise in costs, combined with the growing regulatory and compliance challenges, makes Puppet Comply the perfect solution for CTOs and CIOs.

Puppet claims that Comply finds compliance issues in infrastructure while continuously fixing these issues, thus automating the entire compliance process. Puppet Comply scans the infrastructure for finding compliance anomalies with regard to the benchmarks set by the Center for Internet Security Standards (CIS). CIS benchmarks are not just an industry standard, but they also form the base for many other regulations, including HIPPA.

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Comply provides an infrastructure’s compliance status in a visual dashboard that allows the users to get a better understanding of the compliance issues. The dashboard also displays data regarding the level of best-practice enforcement in a deployment, allowing users to look at the issues that need to be handled on a priority basis.

Abby Kearns, CTO at Puppet, spoke about Comply, stating, “in today’s enterprise, CIOs are responsible for a myriad of competing priorities – from increased agility mandates and accelerating time to market to addressing security and compliance concerns before they impact customer trust. Of these priorities, compliance is all too often deemed an inhibitor of delivering features faster. With Puppet Comply, CIOs no longer need to pick compliance over innovation or speed, but instead can automate their compliance without impacting agility objectives.”

Lastly, Puppet Comply also takes care of a major issue presented by manual audits. Any manual audit is conducted at intervals, and the issues that crop up between these intervals often go unfixed until the next audit rolls around. Since Puppet Comply constantly keeps a check on the compliance posture and fixes them automatically, there is no room left for an issue left unnoticed. Puppet also stated that its solution has already been deployed across many companies and stated, “a large bank’s Cloud Ops team was able to improve their compliance score from 50 percent to 92 percent through Puppet’s compliance use case.”    

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