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Alibaba Cloud Extends Reach To 17 New Markets Through Equinix Partnership

Equinix will extend access to Alibaba Cloud to 17 additional global metros via its interconnection network as Asia-Pacific's largest infrastructure-as-a-service provider targeting...

How APIs Are Simplifying The Cloud Environment?

APIs are a common way for software developers to communicate with services without worrying about the inside of that service or the...

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

Paul Maritz


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How Partners Can Deliver Value By Offering Optimization-As-A-Service?

OK, so how often have you tried talking to a CXO and have been shoved up with the line “there are a...


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Cloud Computing is already thriving in the market. Numerous enterprises are already benefitting from the low cost and easy-to-access options. However, IT cost reductions, and easy scalability is...

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