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Cloud Security Vulnerabilities Present in 93% of Deployments: Study

Cloud Security is one of the most overlooked aspects when enterprises move to the Cloud. Although industry...

AWS, SAP, and Tech Mahindra Guide Indian Government To Cloud Computing

Governments all over the world are moving to Cloud services, albeit at their own pace. In the...

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.”

Paul Maritz


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Why are Websites and Web Applications Rapidly Adopting Cloud Security Solutions?

Cloud-based systems have now emerged as a feasible platform to address security concerns of a number of businesses around the world. The...


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Cloud Computing will excite everyone in 2020

With each passing quarter, Public cloud providers (Amazon, Azure, and Google) are setting new records, while cloud computing has become the daily...

AWS launches Open Source OS for Containers

Amazon Web Services announced the launch of new open-source operating system for running containers on bare metal servers and virtual machines. AWS Bottlerocket is currently available for preview and...

Google Cloud Hits Home Run In MLB, AWS Punch-Out

Google Cloud has hit the home run. MLB (Major League Baseball) has benched AWS (Amazon Web Services) and chose GCP (Google Cloud Platform) as...

Top Six Cloud Computing News: March 2020

We have a lot to cover from the month of February! A boom in the African cloud market drawing a lot of...

A look at AWS Glue: Handle ETL process swiftly for data transformation

One of the trending fields in the past few years has been big data. And there is one cloud service that is quite popular...