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Orange and Google form a strategic partnership


French telecom giant Orange and Google Cloud have announced a strategic partnership to transform Orange’s IT infrastructure and improve future Cloud services; especially sophisticated computing. This agreement will strengthen Orange’s commitment to promote its internal transformation through Artificial Intelligence (AI), and innovative and widespread use of data. As per Orange’s Engage 2025 Plan, this internal transformation will enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. The collaboration will also lead to the development of new advanced Cloud computing, edge computing, and cybersecurity services. It will also open up business opportunities for both Google Cloud and Orange.

Google Cloud and Orange are committed to close collaboration for the success of this partnership. Google will offer its knowledge of cutting-edge Cloud technologies; world-class analytics, and AI tools, proven digital transformation methods, and dedicated resources. Orange will provide its in-depth expertise of information and communication technology services, and its multi-national network infrastructure.

This agreement signifies a firm commitment to use AI and data to expedite change across the Orange European track as well as puts data at the center of the group’s innovation model. To achieve this, Orange plans to create a next-generation data analysis and machine learning platform with the help of Google technologies. This partnership will help consumers and businesses across Europe by bringing powerful cloud-computing capabilities to industries like retail and gaming, among others.

This strategic partnership will also strengthen the portfolio of Orange Business Services offerings by bringing value-added analysis and additional Cloud services based on Google Cloud solutions. Further, it will also create and strengthen Orange’s position as a multi-Cloud service provider for its corporate clients around the world. This agreement will also cement Google Cloud as a significant player in European Cloud industry as it will provide advanced technologies and services in all major industries; including small and large businesses.

Enabling next-generation Cloud services

As 5G networks spread across Europe, this partnership will aid further development of periphery computing services, which will significantly benefit from integration with the Cloud computing network. Edge Computing is at the forefront of the flow to meet new consumer and corporate needs for low latency and high-speed services. This collaboration combines the strengths of Google Cloud and Orange to provide flexible, secure; and sophisticated solutions for the B2B, wholesale, and B2C markets. It will also contribute to the improved connectivity offerings that Orange provides to its wholesale, B2B, and retail customers.

Orange and Google Cloud have agreed to create an innovation lab and a speciality center that will promote innovation and growth:

  • The Innovation Lab will facilitate the development of new industry solutions based on data and AI within the broader framework of 5G/EDGE computing ecosystem.
  • Google Cloud will provide the best hub support for Orange France and other Orange connectors when it comes to Cloud conversion. The speciality center will train several thousand Orange employees in data, AI, and Cloud services.

St├ęphane Richard, Chairman and CEO of Orange stated, “Orange is a pioneer of digital transformation and is pleased to partner with Google to accelerate its data and AI transformation and continue towards a better service for its customers. Google has been a long-term partner of Orange and, as Google is eager to invest in Europe – and especially in France – to develop new data centers, this is the perfect time to work on new services and opportunities in French and European markets.”

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, also said, “The strength of Orange’s network, combined with Google Cloud’s platform, will help pave the way for new advanced Cloud and edge computing services for the telecommunications industry in Europe. We look forward to working together with Orange to bring new services and applications to customers and businesses alike, while also continuing to grow our support for European enterprises in their digital transformation journeys.”

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