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Oracle and VMware partners to help customers move to Cloud


Oracle and VMware announced their partnership to enable customers to set-up a hybrid cloud environment by running VMware Cloud Foundation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. With this new solution, customers can easily migrate VMware vSphere workloads to the Oracle Generation 2 Cloud infrastructure and take advantage of the consistent infrastructure & operations. As part of this partnership, Oracle will also provide technical support for client on-premises data centers and Oracle certified cloud environments running on VMware environments.

Oracle is competing against Amazon Web Services and Microsoft to provide cloud services. In recent years, cloud providers have worked to lure big organizations running their own data centers to move some or all of that work to the cloud.

“As more of our customers make a move to cloud, they’re looking for a superior VMware experience. We are excited that Oracle Cloud customers will be able to run VMware workloads on Oracle Cloud and retain VMware administrative access,” said Don Johnson, executive vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “This is made possible by Layer 2 networking in the cloud and our bare metal service. Customers will be able to extend existing VMware investments, processes, and tools while benefitting from the security and performance of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

For a cloud provider, partnering with VMware in this way is a huge step to capture revenue from the hybrid-cloud trend, which is nowhere to be found in VMware’s corporate data centers. It will allow users to easily use cloud services without making significant changes in their own data centers; which accelerates the growth of cloud providers without learning new infrastructure management tools. VMware and Oracle can be a powerful combination because of the already established and widely acknowledged Oracle database technology.

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