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Oracle Launches Dual-Region Cloud for UK Government


Oracle has just announced the launch of a dual-region government cloud in order to serve the needs of UK government. The latest launch by the up and coming major cloud services provider will cater to the needs of National Health Service (NHS) as it will store and process the organization’s data and facilitate secure transactions. 

This makes Oracle the first provider that will deliver a dedicated dual-region cloud to the UK government. The dual region includes two datacenters — a preexisting one in London and a new datacenter in Newport, Wales — that will be connected via Oracle’s high-speed network. Other than providing hosting and storage of transactional data for the region, the dual-region cloud will also facilitate the delivery of cloud services in multiple regions for disaster recovery. 

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The dual-region cloud is a part of the UK Government’s Cloud Region, and as per Oracle, it strictly complies with the security principles laid out by the National Cyber Security Center. The company also stated that the dual-region cloud has been developed in collaboration with various UK Government and Defense ministries. 

The launch of the latest dual-region cloud for the UK government comes close at the heels of Oracle’s announcement of its Exadata service update. The company stated that the newly established dual-region cloud will provide access to Oracle Autonomous Database, Kubernetes, Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, and Oracle OCI services, and Oracle Fusion Cloud applications to the UK Government. 

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Richard Petley, senior vice president for Oracle UK and Israel, spoke about the launch and stated, “we’ve had a Government Cloud Region in the UK for several years, but today’s announcement really unlocks a completely new potential for all of our customers across the UK to take advantage of Oracle’s second-generation Cloud. This is a completely unique offering to the UK government – no other cloud provider offers the sovereignty and performance we are announcing today. We’ll be working with all aspects of government – both local and central – to help them understand how they make use of the cloud to deliver better services and value to the UK taxpayer.” 

Oracle has been making headway into the cloud services market for some time now and aims to have 36 cloud locations all over the world by the end of 2020. The current tally of Oracle’s global cloud regions stands at 28. Additionally, the provider also aims to establish at least two regions in each country with its operations.   

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