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Nutanix Rolls Out Era 2.0, Adds New Features to Database Management Service


Delaware-based hyperconverged solutions provider Nutanix has just announced the availability of Era 2.0. Era 2.0 is the updated version of Nutanix Era, the company’s database management service. The company says that the latest iteration of Era will offer greater reliability and take away a lot of manual processes involved in the management of cloud database deployments.

Perhaps the most important feature that comes with Era 2.0 is the support for multi-cloud. Users can choose to run database workloads in public cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environment. The public cloud support, as of now has been extended only for AWS. Enterprises that use Era can also use a unified plane to provision multi-region and multi-cloud databases.

The new interface of Era 2.0 allows for central management of databases independent of their location. Era 2.0 also comes with updates and enhancements for Time Machine feature. The updated Time Machine now allows users to use a single console to get a global view of all databases, and users can also replicate the database backup across regions. Time Machine now also offers centralized control over the location of backup storage, access to the backup, and time for which a backup is stored.

Era 2.0 also comes with the ability to check and incorporate any new logs found in the database server during the restore into the backup set. This ensures quick and safer recovery while ensuring minimal loss of data. According to Nutanix, the new feature “minimizes both service outages and data loss, saving time and costs associated with downtime, which, according to the Ponemon Institute, is over $9,000 per minute.”

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The next update for Era 2.0 is focused on patching, as the administrators can now create a “standardized gold image” of a database. Other databases can be linked to this gold image, and with every patch to the gold image, the linked databases also get patched to the “gold standard.” Nutanix also talked about the importance of this feature, stating, “this capability greatly enhances database operations for admins who typically run multiple database engines, simplifying their administrative load even further by enabling them to apply patches across the entire fleet of databases, de-risking the patching process, saving time, and reducing operational overhead.”

Lastly, Era 2.0 now comes with support for SAP HANA databases and 24/7 support for community editions of PostgreSQL. Nutanix is also brought out another offering by the name of SKALE DB in partnership with HCL. Nutanix defines SKALE DB as “a secure, scalable, cloud-ready managed DBaaS offering that leverages the management simplicity and automation of both Nutanix Era and Prism.”

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