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Nutanix and Google Cloud Partnership offer applications and Desktops as a Service (DaaS)


Google Cloud and Nutanix have been working together for many years to implement the best user experience for cloud-streaming applications and desktops. Nutanix Xi Frame is directly integrated with Chrome browser, Chrome OS, Google Drive, sign in with Google, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Beyond technological integrations, both of the customer-facing companies also closely collaborate with joint clients to implement desktop and application virtualization efforts.

As part of their partnership expansion this summer, Nutanix has partnered with Google Cloud to address the growing demand for solutions from home as it plans to offer cloud-based desktops and applications with Xi Frame. In support of this expansion, the two have collaborated to develop Google Cloud-specific interactive training on Xi Frame — the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) solution — for sales engineers, solution architects, and account managers. It includes hands-on labs, reference frameworks, and solution guides – all designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to quickly raise their Xi Frame deployments with direct support from both companies.

In addition to technical enablement, the two companies have also established a process for the respective global sales and solution architecture teams to co-sell and collaborate around the close support of their joint customers. It marks an essential next step in the expansion alliance, as stated in the joint release of Xi Frame’s GCP support last November.

Manvinder Singh, the Director of Partnerships at Google Cloud, said, “enabling remote access and connectivity for distributed teams is top of mind for virtually every organization.” He further added, “we’re partnering with Nutanix to help ensure these organizations can deploy Nutanix Xi Frame on Google Cloud, enabling them to run remote applications anywhere and on any device.”

Update on Google and Nutanix integrations

Nutanix Xi Frame has been Google Cloud Technology Partner and Google Chrome Enterprise Technology Partner for many years due to the easy-to-use integrations desired by its customers. The current list of Google integrations is as follows:

  • Automatically set streaming parameters to detect connecting users, and improve performance from Chrome browser (no downloads or plug-ins required).
  • Direct integration with Google Chromebooks and Chromeboxes allows users to launch Windows applications directly from the Chrome OS shelf.
  • Authentication integrations with sign-in with Google (OAUTH) or SAML2 allow users to sign in to the framework using Google as the ID provider.
  • Integrations with Google Drive and Google Drive file streams allow users to work with their files in frame sessions, even with non-consistent desktops.
  • Support for running DaaS VMs on the Google Cloud platform has now been expanded for 23 regions worldwide.
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