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NTT Unveils New Private Cloud In Singapore and Hong Kong


NTT has unveiled its new Hybrid Cloud value proposition along with the announcement of its Private Cloud for Enterprises in Hong Kong and Singapore. The new service is a core component of the global technology services provider’s Intelligent Data Center and Hybrid Cloud capabilities. The company’s latest offerings will be an integral part of its portfolio to help clients in their digital transformation journey.

NTT Ltd.’s cloud solutions continue to evolve to meet the demands of a dynamically changing landscape,” said RamnikKamo, EVP, Global Operations and CIO, Mavenir. He added, “With leading SLAs, security and compliance features, this cloud solution helps us meet our customers’ business imperatives and rapidly expand into new markets, on a global scale.”

Adopting Hybrid IT and Cloud computing services is essential to drive global business growth, agility, and digital transformation by adding benefits like greater scalability, cost efficiency, and security. This has resulted in the rise of Hybrid Cloud adoption in the market. Quoting markets and markets, “The hybrid cloud market is expected to grow from USD 44.6 billion in 2018 to USD 97.6 billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.0% during the forecast period.

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Meanwhile, the adoption of Private Cloud is also growing due to its role in a hybrid environment, as enterprises acknowledge its ability to support critical security, governance, performance, and regulatory compliance requirements.

NTT hybrid cloud

Cloud is now recognized broadly by enterprises as a critical part of their IT infrastructure and a key to enabling transformation strategies. Enterprises should view hybrid Cloud as a core strategic initiative,” said Liam Eagle, research director, 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence.

NTT Ltd. offers a bevy of private cloud services developed for enterprise usage and workloads ranging from ERP to analytics and AI. The new Private Cloud for Enterprise service in Hong Kong and Singapore will add to their existing US and European coverage. The flexibility and global coverage of the Private Cloud enable users to scale swiftly and optimize costs.

Masaaki Moribayashi, Senior Executive Vice President, Services for NTT Ltd, said, “Enterprises today are using various applications with a large amount of data stored in various platforms, and they want to manage their hybrid IT securely. Our Private Cloud service will specifically target these high growth sectors supporting clients to manage their critical applications, including SAP, to enhance the agility and flexibility in securely managing large volumes of data in the Cloud.” He further added, “Financial clients, for example, can quickly develop new businesses by incorporating the latest technologies while complying with security regulation in each country.”

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Future of NTT Ltd’s Hybrid Cloud

NTT Ltd is investing heavily in the Hong Kong and Singapore market. It wants to extend its capabilities in the two markets to corner the customized and dedicated private cloud deployment share of the pie. As per NTT, it wants to deliver a globally consistent level of IT performance to organizations through its services like Hybrid Cloud management, advanced networking, built-in security, and Private Cloud Enterprise.


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