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MongoDB Atlas Add Multi-Cloud Cluster Capabilities, Brings News Features


MongoDB Atlas, the fully managed global cloud database, has announced an update for its Atlas database service that brings multi-cloud capabilities to the managed service. This will allow customers to distribute a single database environment across multiple public clouds. MongoDB Atlas currently supports the three major public Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) — Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. With the latest update, MongoDB has enabled multi-cloud distribution for both new and existing clusters. Multi-cloud clusters come packed with a built-in security feature, fully managed backup and restores, automated patches and upgrades, intelligent performance advice, etc.  

As more and more enterprises adopt cloud technology, MongoDB’s update to Atlas will surely ensure wide adoption of the fully-managed database service. The update will enable users to avail the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy along with a simplified management experience. The new addition creates a whole new set of possibilities for MongoDB’s users —  

Use multiple clouds parallelly  

Developers can now use various cloud tools for the same dataset to run operational and analytical workloads. Further, the update also removes the need for any data replication. 

  • Easy Migration from one cloud to the other  

The automation features of MongoDB Atlas helps users in migrating to another cloud, if the need ever arises, doing away with migration woes and costs.  

  • Improve high availability with cross-cloud redundancy 

The update allows users to any of the 80 regions of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, giving users the widest choice when compared to other cloud database services.  

  • Reach more users with flexible deployment options 

MongoDB’s multi-cloud strategy enables users to operate in areas where the cloud services are limited and only one or two of the top three public CSPs have a presence.  

“Customers can build, deploy and run powerful, highly available applications across different cloud providers, giving them unprecedented flexibility on where they can deploy applications, and what services they can leverage from our cloud infrastructure partners,” said MongoDB Chief Executive Officer, Dev Ittycheria. 

Along with the multi-cloud cluster, MongoDB is also planning on releasing more capabilities in the coming months. “By enabling enterprises to deploy its service across multiple platforms, MongoDB can provide a capability that sets the offering apart from the cloud providers’ own solutions,” the company stated in a recent blog post.  


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