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Meditech announces collaboration with Google Cloud


Meditech announces collaboration with Google Cloud to deliver EHR (electronic health record) through the Google Cloud Platform, which provides greater access to patient data, simplifies operation, and improves scalability.

“We’ve been retooling MEDITECH for the new healthcare paradigm, reshaping our company to meet the needs of today’s market and today’s customers;” said Howard Messing, CEO of MEDITECH. “It began with Expanse, one of the first web-based solutions, released as one of the first full-scale platforms of the post-Meaningful Use era. Now, this collaboration with Google Cloud and our commitment to the public cloud further expands the productivity and agility of our customers.”

Moreover, Google Cloud provides additional options to connect to MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS) subscription model. This will enable the implementation of innovative EHR technologies inexpensively and easily.

Meditech announces collaboration with google cloud

Furthermore, MaaS allows organizations of all sizes to operate in an innovative, web-based EHR. The company says it is loaded with intuitive solutions for physicians and nurses, including feasibility, patient access, revenue cycle management; and clinical decision support.

“Reducing infrastructure costs, and continuing to provide some of the most advanced technologies available, appeals to healthcare organizations of all sizes and purpose;” Messing said.

However, by moving EHR to the Google cloud, medical facilities using the Meditech EHR system will have a better security protocol that will simply combat ransomware attacks.

Recently” Mayo Clinic and Google announced there ten years Partnership, to accelerate the delivery of healthcare “through digital technologies.

About Meditech

Five decades. One EHR. No limits. More than ever, MEDITECH’s reputation for excellence resounds across every care setting. As we celebrate 50 bold years of vision and innovation, we invite you to see healthcare through a whole new lens with Expanse; the premier EHR for the digital healthcare paradigm. Our cutting-edge solutions help organizations and providers all over the world to take on the challenges of healthcare’s ever-expanding landscape. Whether your destination is clinical efficiency, analytical prowess, a superior patient and consumer experience, or financial success; MEDITECH’s passion and expertise will get you where you want to go. 

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