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Looker Rolls Out Various New Updates; Read Major Announcements of JOIN@Home


Looker, the business intelligence software and big data analytics platform, has announced various new features at its ongoing JOIN@Home online conference. With Google Cloud’s acquisition of Looker completed earlier this year, the two are all set to address the data analytics and business intelligence demands of enterprises all over the world. Now Looker is focusing on building its enterprise business intelligence credibility and adding more features to its platform. Let’s delve deeper into the new updates released by Looker:  

Looker has improved its dashboard with addition of cross-filtering capabilities. It allows users to filter the data by clicking on a particular data element in one visualization to filter the other visualizations’ data. This feature makes dashboards more interactive and user-friendly. Next, Looker has also introduced its first native mobile apps. With Looker on a mobile device, businesses have easy access to data anytime and anywhere. It has been further equipped with accessible dashboards to enable effortless insight sharing across the team.

Further, Looker is also launching a public library of UI components, now in beta version, which will reduce the effort and complexity of building custom data applications. In the new public library of Looker, UI components will be available for both the React JavaScript framework and the Figma UI prototyping tool. It is also focusing on strengthening developer story by publishing its own extension for entity relationship diagrams for Extension Framework. This will facilitate the visualization of data models. 

There are many more new updates coming from Looker, like the addition of the Report Visualization feature to Looker Marketplace. This visualization will help users create traditional report layouts that will be ideal for diverse reporting. There’s also an alert to the Slack feature that will allow users to receive conditional alert notifications in a Slack message or channel. This integration is a part of Looker’s alert capabilities, hence it does not require any additional setup from the users’ end.  

Talking about the Slack integration, Pedro Arellano, director of Looker product marketing at Google Cloud, stated, “we heard from customers that you love our alerting feature, but need more dynamic ways to notify teams of important data changes, especially while on the go. This helps you and your teams stay more closely connected to your data, regardless of whether or not you’re inside the Looker platform.” 

Apart from these, Looker also has a new Explore Picker that makes it easier for users to explore their data in multiple ways. It enables users to explore the modeled queries and popular fields and use the smarter search feature to find the right fields for analysis.  

Looker’s virtual conference JOIN@Home is currently underway, stay tuned with us for further updates.  


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