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Inventory: The visibility into your cloud just got better


“Cloud is the new normal”. Rapid adoption rate presents a desperate need for regularly bringing in ways to manage cloud more efficiently. Enterprises face many challenges like security and compliance when they start moving their workloads to the cloud. But visibility and inventory management top the list. This is because you cannot protect your cloud infrastructure if you don’t know what is going on in there.

Why Inventory for all your cloud resources?

Visibility into your cloud matters the most which directly or indirectly contributes to resource management and security. Inventory can provide layered and granular visibility into your entire cloud footprint.

In addition to this, it enhances the security piece as well. Organizations focus on the stability that cloud serves. This becomes difficult to maintain when it scales without adequate visibility.

Real-time tracking and 360° visibility can turn chaos into clarity

Public clouds provide different services that cater to all your needs. For example, AWS provides Amazon EC2 which have resources associated like snapshots, volume, VPCs, ELBs, images, etc. But, their native consoles do not provide all the relevant and detailed information you need. Even if the information is there, complex navigation makes it difficult for a user to access that information.  

To serve a more comprehensive overview of the cloud infrastructure, Centilytics provides Inventory with real-time. You can see your instances, services, and resources across the cloud. Organizations struggle with the fast-changing nature of cloud environments, as instances spun up and down constantly that too at rapid demands. Cloud inventory gives you the ability to understand the relationship between your cloud services (like storage, databases) and resources across various dimensions, such as account, region, security groups, etc.

Effective resource management with our Inventory

Our single pane of glass makes inventory easy to access and simplified to consume information. Enterprise resources are distributed under various services with cross relationships. For example, if you are leveraging Amazon EC2 services, then you can view your total running and stopped instances, total snapshots, total volume, total security groups, total elastic IPs, total running VPCs, total ELBs, and total images. In other words, for a particular service, you get extensively drilled down resource information.

Centilytics Inventory
EC2 Inventory

We collect rich metadata for every resource and shows relation across resources. It helps you to understand scenarios such as what security groups exist in your cloud and which resource are they impacting. Our inventory encounters all the blind spots which your legacy enterprise software might won’t be able to do.

Centilytics enables the user to focus more on business decisions instead of wasting time on crunching data to get valuable insights. Take a 3-month free trial or book a demo to see what value we can add to your cloud.

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