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Infosys Launches Cobalt, a Cloud Suite Targeted at Enterprise Businesses


Indian digital service provider and consulting giant Infosys has announced the launch of Infosys Cobalt. Cobalt is a suite of services, platforms, and solutions for Cloud, designed primarily for enterprise businesses to support digital transformation powered by Cloud.

The suite has tools that will encourage business users to migrate and employ Cloud-first development and deployment. As per Infosys, it will empower companies to scale up quickly as per their need and make their business global, regional, and industry regulatory and security compliant.

Mr. Salil Parekh, Chief Executive of Infosys, said, “Our clients are building cloud capabilities to gain a business advantage in increasingly competitive markets.” he further added, “The future of enterprise cloud strategy will be shaped by three key factors – speed-to-market, innovation at scale and security by design – this is the foundational construct of Infosys Cobalt.”


The idea behind Infosys making Cobalt available is to support enterprise businesses and accelerate the adoption of Cloud technologies with a seamless experience of migration from on-premise infrastructure to Cloud ecosystem.

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Infosys claims that Cobalt’s poly cloud platform enables users to bridge the gap between their multiple clouds. It lets the enterprise organizations optimize their cloud use performance, have efficient launches, and deploy new services without hampering the user experience in that ecosystem. Cobalt also has a cloud community that continuously adds clients, partners, academia, gig workers, and citizen cloud developers.

Infosys is providing Enterprise users with access to Cobalt Labs to enable them to ideate, prototype, secure, and test cloud services.

For example, restaurants and take-away counters can take advantage of labs to create existing solutions to launch voice-based services integrated via Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa and swiftly co-create lookup interfaces for stores, products and orders in its specific context. However, all of this can be built with Cobalt by using existing integrations with popular cloud services.

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Infosys also has a partnership with Microsoft Corp. and Johnson Controls to develop smart buildings and spaces on Microsoft Azure that will create a bridge between physical and digital infrastructure.

The company also claims that Cobalt comes with technical, financial governance and compliance to have a core made of regulatory and security compliance. Well, it is quite valuable because enterprise solutionsseek assurancesof handling mission-critical infrastructure’s security with strong data encryption and multifactor authentication.

Cobalt can handle enterprise-grade protection against DDoS attacks to keep the systems online even when the company’s Cloud infrastructure is a target. Ravi Kumar, President of Infosys, said, “our clients operate in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.” He ended by saying, “They are taking full advantage of the public Cloud from hyperscalers and are also building strong cloud capabilities on-premise. Infosys Cobalt, together with its rich ecosystem of partners, is amplifying enterprise cloud ecosystem, enabling them to find faster, more innovative, and secure ways to respond to changing markets and drive business resilience.”

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