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IBM and Infosys alliance: A win-win situation for both


The next-gen IT leader, Infosys and Global tech giant, IBM joins hand together to boom the IT market. This alliance is made to assist the enterprises in boosting their digital transformation journey using the IBM public cloud. It will provide enterprises with a higher level of scale, resources, and capabilities to speed up the impact of their cloud-driven digital platform.

How this alliance will work?

Through this collaboration, Infosys employees will participate in a training program and become certified on the IBM public cloud. Those certified employees will be able to implement the solution on financial services – ready public cloud developed by IBM to help clients in the financial service industry, address their needs regarding compliances, security, and resiliency. In addition to that, Infosys can offer its client services around IBM’s cloud-native technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Analytics, and more. By utilizing these services, enterprises will be able to modernize and transform their workload.
As a part of the relationship, Infosys will also offer access to the Red Hat portfolio of open source to its clients. With its vast experience, cloud capabilities, and global reach, Infosys will help clients to migrate, modernize, and transform workloads and solutions on IBM public cloud.

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How this alliance will help enterprises?

  • Infosys will be the first global system coordinator to join the new IBM public cloud ecosystem. This integration will help bring IBM public cloud services to clients via service providers.
  • This collaboration will assist enterprises to modernize and transform their enterprise workload and applications by tapping into security, open innovation, and enterprise capabilities of the IBM public cloud.
  • As a part of the program, Infosys will be able to deploy technical expertise from IBM to support clients in their move to the IBM public cloud. IBM will work with Infosys and its clients to accelerate efforts such as proof of concepts, running cloud pilots, staffing client innovation centers, and other mechanisms designed to deliver values quickly and securely.
  • The IBM public cloud is designed with enterprise-grade capabilities and support for open source technologies, including RedHat OpenShift, to extend the hybrid cloud strategies for most complex enterprise workloads. It will also provide multi-architecture supports, proactive, and automated security, which leverage a high level of encryption standard.

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Ravi Kumar S, President, Infosys, said, “Enterprises cannot truly succeed at digital transformation without leveraging cloud – be it transforming processes, expanding into new markets, launching new products, automating operations or elevating the customer experience, the cloud is the true enabler to complete digital transformation. But enterprises, especially in highly regulated and data-sensitive industries, are worried about privacy, regulatory compliance, security, and system downtime as they embark on this transformation journey. Our collaboration with IBM will help enterprises across industries address these concerns and accelerate their digital transformation journey on IBM public cloud.”

Bob Lord, Senior Vice President, Cognitive Applications and Ecosystems, IBM, said, “As businesses, today continue to migrate critical workloads to the public cloud, they are also demanding the highest levels of security and control to ensure their data is not compromised. To help clients achieve this balance, we are collaborating with Infosys to provide clients – including those in highly regulated industries – with a seamless path to the IBM public cloud, which was built with their specific needs in mind.”

About Infosys:

Infosys is an India based multi-national corporation that provides business consulting, Information Technology, and outsourcing services. With availability in 46 countries, 38+ years of experience, 243K+ employees and total revenue of $12.6 billion (LTM), Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. The credit rating of the company is A.

About IBM:

The International Business Machine (IBM) is a US-based multi-national technology company. The company began in 1911 as a Computing-Tabulating-Recording company and was renamed as IBM in 1924. IBM produces computer hardware, middleware, and software and provides hosting and consulting services. With availability in 177 countries, 100+ years of experience, 350K+ employees and total revenue of $77.14 billion, IBM is a global tech giant.

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