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Google Cloud’s Anthos Is Now Generally Available For AWS


Continuing to enhance the capabilities of its hybrid and multi-cloud Anthos platform, Google Cloud today announced the general availability of Anthos on AWS.

Anthos promise has always been that it would enable companies to write their applications once, package them in containers, and then manage their multi-cloud deployments across GCP, AWS, Azure, and their on-premises data centers.

Until now, support for AWS and Azure was only available in preview, but today, the company is making support for AWS and on-premises installations generally available. However, Microsoft Azure support remains in the preview.

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“With Anthos Config Management, you can now use a programmatic and declarative approach to manage policies for your VMs on Google Cloud just as you do for your containers,” Lin wrote in a blog post today. “This reduces the likelihood of configuration errors due to manual intervention while speeding up time to delivery. In the meantime, the platform ensures your applications are running with the desired state at all times.”

Eyal Manor, the GM and VP of engineering in charge of Anthos, emphasized that Anthos was designed to be multi-cloud from day one. As for why AWS support is launching before Azure, Manor said there was simply more demand. “We surveyed customers, and they said, “Hey, in addition to GCP, we want AWS,” he said. But support for Azure will come later this year, and the company already has multiple preview clients for it. Also, Anthos will come to bare metal servers in the future.

Looking further ahead, Manor also noted that better support for machine learning workloads is on the way. Many companies, after all, want to be able to update and run their models right where their data resides, regardless of the cloud that may exist. There, too, Anthos promise that developers can write the app once and then run it anywhere.

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Later this year, Google Cloud plans to give customers the ability to run Anthos with no third-party hypervisor, “delivering even better performance, further reducing costs and eliminating the management overhead of yet another vendor relationship,” Jennifer Lin, said, Google Cloud vice president of product management.

With this release, Google Cloud is also providing increased support for virtual machines to Anthos, as well as better policy and configuration management.

In the coming months, Anthos Service Mesh will also add support for applications that run on traditional virtual machines. As Lin told me, “A lot of this is about driving better agility and removing complexity so that we have abstractions that work in any environment, be it legacy or new or onsite or AWS or GCP.”

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