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Google Cloud Security Showcase; How Can It Benefit Users?


Cloud Security is of paramount importance for businesses leveraging the potential of Cloud. The newly launched Google Cloud Security Showcase by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is another resource that will help users secure their Cloud. We recently covered how around 93 percent of Cloud deployments are vulnerable to breaches. Whether it is the constant reminders by industry experts or a plethora of studies, Cloud Security is always a top concern.

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What is Google Cloud Security Showcase?

Google Cloud Security

All the major Cloud Security Providers (CSPs) also always focus on Cloud Security. Google Cloud Security Showcase is yet another resource offered by a prominent CSP to aid their users in securing their data. However, what distinguishes Google Showcase is its simple approach and step-by-step guide for its users. With Showcase, Google has brought around 50 videos that address the smallest of Cloud Security details.

What Do These Videos Contain?

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The videos contain a step-by-step guide on specifics of the security challenges faced by users, and these clips also provide key inputs on overcoming these challenges. The videos cover topics ranging from infrastructure security to governance, risk, and compliance. The small, solution-centric videos capture various issues faced by GCP users. Google experts of various issues provide users with guidance regarding specific topics, for example, the video on network security focuses on how users can prevent their web applications from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

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How Can Users Benefit From It?

The video on endpoint security has Brad Meador, senior product manager at Google, talks about how users can configure their G Suite deployment to protect their devices. Other videos are based on topics like data security where Nelly Porter, product manager lead at Google, explains how users can ensure their workload remains confidential even while it is being processed.

These videos present in Google Showcase cover a myriad of topics around Cloud Security. Needless to state that in the times when businesses are rapidly migrating to the Cloud, ensuring safety of the entire process becomes of paramount importance. Cloud Security also gains significant prominence in the COVID-19 era as companies are adopting the idea of a hybrid workspace where the staff is scattered across different locations. It can lead to even more issues for Cloud Security and this is where efforts like Google Showcase from CSPs can really benefit the users. You can access the entire playlist of these videos by GCP here. Watch this space for timely updates thorough coverage of Cloud Security.

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