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Google Cloud Launches Student Success Services To Improve Learner and Educator Experience


Google Cloud has launched its Student Success Services, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of learning by aiding both — the learners and educators. The stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic has created huge challenges for all walks of life, including work, education, and other daily activities. Taking the challenge head-on, most industries have come up with innovative methods to maintain the “business as usual” spirit. If not all, most of these solutions have been possible due to the power of cloud computing.

Education is another sector that has found a solution in remote learning, powered by cloud computing. However, remote learning and e-learning have also brought forth many challenges for educators and learners alike. Student Success Services is aimed at enhancing the collaboration between students and peers for an improved remote learning experience.

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Student Success Services gathers data using built-in AI models and analytics to enhance decision-making and provide benefits like personalized assistants, real-time insights, and collaboration tools, among others, to students. Google aims to increase engagement among students, improve in-person learning, and modernize the learning experience for students with the new service.

The new Student Success Services has been launched with virtual assistants that leverage Google’s ML and natural language tools to provide instant answers to students. Google says that the 24-hour virtual student can be trained to answer various generic student queries automatically and free up staff time for better student care. Another feature of the service is “Tutors for personalized learning,” wherein Google claims its APIs and AI-powered learning tools can guide students in writing practice or coaching for reading comprehension.

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Google also stated that the Unizin Data Platform, built on Google Cloud, will help educators get a holistic view of their students. It will facilitate real-time and easy sharing of teaching and learning data so that educators can intervene with changes timely. Google is also leveraging its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) remote learning solutions so that educators can create virtual labs and access compute power remotely.

Lastly, Google has also opened registration for Student Success Week, which users can access here. The initiative is aimed at promoting technology among educators in order to improve the student experience. The Student Success sessions will involve discussion on multiple topics, including AI tutors, improving retention among students, and enabling e-learning among others.

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