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Google Cloud introduces bare metal solutions to new areas


Google Cloud announced it is expanding its Bare Metal solution to five additional regions and plans to launch four more sites by the end of this year. First announced in November, Google provides a hardware metal solution for running specialized workloads, such as the Oracle Database, close to the cloud.

New Sites Providing Ver Metal Solutions Ashburn, Virginia; Frankfurt; London; Los Angeles, California; And Sydney. By the end of 2020, it will be available in Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Bear Metal Solution is aimed at companies with mission-critical workloads that are generally difficult to access in the cloud. It provides a fully managed infrastructure, including computing, storage, networking, and power, cooling, and amenities. Instead of using hardware in Google Cloud data centers (such as standard plain metal cloud services), the infrastructure is being used in regional extensions to Google Cloud with a delay of fewer than two milliseconds. In most cases, the company claims that the delay is a sub-millisecond.

The infrastructure is interconnected with a dedicated, low-latency, and integrated with all essential Google cloud services.

The service uses certified OEM hardware to run multiple enterprise applications, and it comes with automation tools for faster login. Private servers are based on 2nd generation Intel Xeon scalable processors and come from 16 cores to 112 cores with three terabytes of ram.

Flexibility and agility

With Google Cloud supporting infrastructure for specialized workloads, companies can look to modernize and accelerate digital transformation.

Integrated and innovative

Apps can be built using unique GCP capabilities, such as Google Kubernetes Engine, TensorFlow, and BigQuery.

Low latency

The low latency network between your specialized workloads and your GCP cloud environment ensures high-quality service.

App Modernization

Over time, your applications will become more and more cloud-based, helping you manage risk more effectively.

Subscription pricing

Subscribe to the right-sized hardware architectures with no pre-capital expenditure. You can add capacity as your business needs evolve over time.

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Akarshan Narang
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