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Google Cloud Extends VMware Engine Availability To Europe, Americas, and APAC


Google recently announced that its Google Cloud VMware Engine is now available across America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Google had announced the general availability for Cloud VMware Engine only a few months back, and now it has been made available in most of the continents along with expansion into the Europe-west3 (Frankfurt), Europe-west2 (London), and Asia-northeast1 (Tokyo) regions.

Google has also announced a 12% discount on all Google Cloud VMware Engine SKUs for a limited time. As companies are reconsidering their mode of operations and look ahead to expedite digitalization, this move by Google will serve as an added incentive for cloud adoption.

VMware Engines allows enterprises to deploy a private cloud space to their existing system. It provides an end-to-end solution to its users to completely migrate their VMware applications to Google Cloud, without making major changes in their process, architecture, and tools. This migration aims to substantially decrease the operational procedures and infrastructure maintenance costs while providing scalability and high-performance to users. 

To further simplify things for users, Google has also developed a tool that calculates the cost of deployment based on the region, commitment terms, and instances. This will enable users to get started with minimum effort and cost while helping them optimize individual consumption levels.

With the global availability of VMware Engine and add-ons to support users, Google aims to make cloud migration seamless for enterprises. The migration will be further aided by Google Cloud Rapid Assessment & Migration Program, a comprehensive migration program launched back in July. RAMP aims to resolve the complex challenges faced by users while migrating to the cloud platform.

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Rick Cirigliano, Senior VP of Cloud Operations at Mitel, spoke about the migration to VMware Engine, “Google Cloud VMware Engine shortened our implementation cycle — we can move our customers in just a few weeks (not months) to a well known, stateful environment in Google Cloud. This speeds up our time-to-market, allowing Mitel to maintain our revenue stream and providing opportunities to upsell more services.”

Google’s VMware Engine can help users seamlessly migrate their on-premise workloads to the cloud, without any impact on the workflow. Also, a worldwide presence ensures that users can communicate across many regions without any VPN options.

Further, the benefits of launching VMware Engine include –

  • The launch takes a minimum time of just four steps in the Google Cloud Console
  • It is built on reliable, high-capacity infrastructure
  • VMware Engine can be configured directly on VPC subnets
  • Allows usage of Google third-party ecosystems

Lastly, as enterprises all over rapidly move toward digitalization, the launch of Google Cloud VMware engine is yet another service that makes cloud migration easier. As far as the pricing options are concerned, it is available in both — on-demand and commitment-based usage models. You can visit this link for more details on pricing.

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