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Google Cloud and Splunk Collaborate to Help Customers Gain Deeper Insights from Data


Splunk stated that it has formed a new alliance with Google Cloud, which will expand the availability of Splunk Cloud to Google’s infrastructure.

The joint announcement of Splunk and Google indicates that Splunk Cloud will be integrated into the main components of the Google Cloud Management Tool.

Anthos, the Kubernetes-based Hybrid Cloud application platform

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Google Cloud Security Command Center, a centralized visualization system for security-related resources in Google Cloud.

Splunk Cloud provides the capabilities of the Splunk Data-to-Everything platform as Software a service (SaaS) that helps companies make data-driven decisions and take action on insights from their data without needing to buy, manage or deploy additional infrastructure. Splunk Cloud in Google Cloud brings customers a single-pane view to investigate, monitor, analyze, and process their data with the confidence that it is secure in their trusted Google Cloud infrastructure. Splunk Cloud customers will also benefit from Google Cloud’s technical capabilities, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, security, networking, and data analysis.

“Splunk helps companies bring data to every question, decision, and action for both on-premises and cloud digitization journeys at incredible speed and great scale,” said Doug Merritt, President, and CEO, Splunk. “We chose to partner with Google Cloud to deliver the technology, capabilities, and trusted infrastructure required to help businesses connect all forms of data. Splunk’s partnership with Google Cloud will help empower even more customers to harness nearly limitless data opportunities across IT, Security, and Application Development while remaining agile and cost-effective.”

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“Data is at the center of every business’ digital transformation, and we are proud to partner with Splunk to help organizations build data-driven, cloud-native strategies,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud. “Businesses can now leverage Splunk’s capabilities in data analytics for IT, security, user behavior, and more, on Google Cloud’s trusted and secure infrastructure.”

So, What this partnership means for you?

As companies continue to adopt cloud-first initiatives, Google Cloud’s secure infrastructure and Splunk’s data-to-everything operating system allows innovators around the world to transform data into doing. Splunk and Google Cloud have partnered to help companies ingest, normalize, and analyze data. Customers can also draw powerful insights using sophisticated AI / ML capabilities to automate actions based on insights quickly.

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It will help ensure end-to-end visibility in cloud, complex, and hybrid environments. Get real-time visibility across Google Cloud events, logs, performance metrics, and billing data. It enables rapid security investigations, alertness, and in-depth forensic analysis to speed up the resolution of the incident. Visualize and monitor the performance of Google Cloud Services through Signal FX. Organize security infrastructure using Google Vault, G Suite, G Suite for Gmail, Splunk Phantom applications for secure browsing, and big query. Turn tracking data into actionable insights, reduce testing time, and help resolve usage issues on services hosted on Google Cloud using VictorOps. 

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