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Google announces four new Cloud regions to expands its global footprint


Google Cloud announced its plans to open four new data center regions. These regions will be located in Delhi (India), Doha (Qatar), Melbourne (Australia) and Toronto (Canada), and will bring the total footprint of Google Cloud to 26 regions. When launched, there will be three zones to protect against service disruption in each region, launch with a portfolio of core GCP products and provide low latency to nearby users.

The company previously announced that it would open regions in Jakarta, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Seoul, and Warsaw over the next year. The announcement comes just days after Google opened its Salt Lake City data center.

Prior to this announcement, the GCP had already had data center presence in India, Australia, and Canada. Still, with these newly announced regions, it now offers two geographically distinct areas for disaster recovery locally.

John Lee, CEO, Bespin Global said, “We work with some of the largest Korean enterprises, helping to drive their digital transformation initiatives. One of the key requirements that we have is that we need to deliver the same quality of service to all of our customers around the globe. “Google Cloud’s continuous investments in expanding their own infrastructure to areas like the Middle East make it possible for us to meet our customers where they are.”

Google notes that the area in Doha marks the company’s first strategic collaboration agreement with Qatar’s Free Regional Authority to launch a region in the Middle East. Bespin Global, one of Asia’s leading managed service providers, is one of its launch clients.

Akarshan Narang
Akarshan Narang
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