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Google acquires CloudSimple to simplify Cloud migration


Google acquires CloudSimple, which is a leading provider of secure, high performance; and has a dedicated environment to run VMware workloads in the cloud. Google said the acquisition would allow them to “accelerate a fully integrated VMware migration solution with improved support for our customers.” This acquisition builds its partnership with Cloud Simple, which Google announced earlier this year, and it will enable its customers to accelerate a fully integrated VMware migration solution with advanced support.

“I’m incredibly proud of the sharp, experienced, and dedicated team at CloudSimple for building this service,” CloudSimple CEO Guru Pangal wrote in a blog post. “We are incredibly excited to be part of Google Cloud and look forward to accelerating our ability to help customers easily move their enterprise workloads to the cloud.”

Cloud Simple was founded in 2016 by Pangal; who began to build a portfolio capable of moving existing enterprise workloads to the cloud. Previously Pangal founded StorSimple, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2012 as a cloud storage technology developer.

Rich Sanzi, VP Engineering, GCP added that partnership with CloudSimple, will enable their customers to migrate their VMware workload from on-premises datacenters directly into Google Cloud VMware Solution by CloudSimple, while also creating new VMware workloads as needed. Their apps can work just as they have been on-premise; but with all the benefits of the cloud, like performance, flexibility; and integration with essential cloud services and technologies. Most importantly, customers can do all this without having to re-architect their existing VMware apps and workloads; which will help them to run more efficiently and reduce costs while allowing IT staff to maintain consistency and use their existing VMware tools in their workflows, and support. To that end, we believe in a multi-cloud world and will continue to provide a choice for our customers to use the best technology in their journey to the cloud. 

CloudSimple’s acquisition continues to demonstrate Google Cloud’s commitment to providing enterprise customers with a broad suite of IT infrastructure modernization solutions.

Akarshan Narang
Akarshan Narang
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