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Datrium to Be Acquired by VMware


VMware announced that it would be acquiring disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) firm Datrium; the terms of this agreement have not been disclose.

Once the deal is complete, VMware plans to expand its existing; performance-enhanced VMware platform recovery DRAS offering with Datrium’s cost-optimized TRAS option. This step fits into VMware’s vision to create a stable operating model for hybrid cloud environments.

Moreover, Datrium will enable the virtualization giant owned by Dell Technologies to deliver on its vision of a cost-optimized option to protect data stored locally or on Amazon Web Services infrastructure in its Disaster Recovery as a Service portfolio; said Andrew Wang, vice president VMware’s strategy and corporate development, in a company blog post.

Though, Financial terms were not disclosed.

Founded in Sunnyvale, California, in 2012; Datrium is now partnering with VMware to provide end-to-end disaster recovery for workloads running on the AWS VMware Cloud. The company’s technology is designed to reduce cost and complexity, while VMware’s current DR service, VMware Site Recovery; is optimized for efficiency, Wang said.

“This is a significant move forward to help customers build hybrid clouds by combining the consistent infrastructure and operations of VMware Cloud with Datrium DRaaS to reduce the cost and complexity of business continuity; DRaaS is ideally suited to the hybrid cloud model where cloud economics and flexibility match the infrequent but unpredictable characteristics of disaster scenarios.” VMware’s John Gilmartin wrote in a blog post

However, According to IDC, DRaaS is the fastest-growing segment in data protection use cases with a market cap of $ 4.5 billion and growing at a CAGR of 15% for 2023 to 2019.

Datrium already provides an end-to-end DR service in the VMware Cloud on AWS. The eight-year-old company’s founders are from VMware and Data Domain. Its clients include businesses in financial services, health care, government manufacturing, and entertainment.

In its blog post, Datrium said the acquisition would allow it to accelerate projects that support all major cloud platforms.

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