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Kubernetes Forum Delhi 2020: Driving the open-source ecosystem


On 20th February 2020, with 9 sponsors and renowned 26 speakers, Kubernetes Forum Delhi 2020 was the place to be. I attended the forum with my teammate Akarshan Narang (Cloud Evangelist at CMI) to cover the first-ever Kubernetes Forum organized by CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) at Delhi. Believe me, we had an amazing time interacting with industry professionals; learning about the open-source ecosystem (not forget, the focus was Kubernetes).

CNCF invited renowned industry professionals as speakers representing Red Hat, Microsoft, InfraCloud, Loodse, NVIDIA, LinkedIn, PlanetScale, Grofers, Digital Ocean, etc. and also CNCF’s own council members. We started our event with Dan Kohn’s opening keynote and later he spoke to the CMI community about CNCF and the current scenario of open-source projects governed by CNCF. Here’s what he said:

Dan Kohn speaking about CNCF.
Dan Kohn (Director, CNCF) speaking about different projects governed by CNCF.

The entire day was jam-packed with sessions bifurcated into Beginner and Advance level, depending on the attendees’ interests and current level of expertise. There were plenty of sessions that you can check out Kuberenetes Forum Delhi 2020 official YouTube channel, but here are our best two picks from the event:

The sessions we liked the most

Life of a Container by Indradhanush Gupta (Programmer at Loodse)

Keynote: Keeping Your Data in Kubernetes with Vitess – Sugu Sougoumarane, CTO, PlanetScale

We had a great interaction with event sponsors. There are plenty of international MNCs who are embracing the cloud-native approach and focusing on the Indian market to boost their market share. And why not? India’s cloud adoption rate has grown phenomenally and if the companies bring a dedicated solution then there is so much cash to collect. We collected a few insights about the sponsors of Kubernetes Forum Delhi 2020, from their representatives at the booth. Check out the playlists of the sponsors who gave insights about their companies and open-source projects for the CMI community.

The open-source ecosystem has evolved globally and the community is hyperactive developing new innovative projects to simplify the complex problems leveraging cloud-native approach. We realized that the events like Kubernetes Forum are necessary and acts as a backbone of the ecosystem.

Why you should attend the next Kubernetes Forum?

Knowledge (obviously)

The knowledge that industry professionals hold can never be compared to what you are taught either during certification or in your technical degrees. Why so? There can’t be better learning than from professionals (or practitioners) handling real-life use cases using the available technologies.

Networking: to interact with like-minded people

I know how valuable everybody’s business card is for professionals, apart from this what matters is conversations. Cutting through the marketing buzz and sales pitches, the professionals were eager to understand how others are contributing and want to contribute to the open-source projects. Sharing the current project progress with like-minded people can get you out of the bottleneck problems.

Community: for the sense of belonging

Personally, this has been my best experience of meeting a huge number of techies under a single roof. Events such as Kubernetes Forum celebrates the community and give contributors a sense of belonging. To meet the people with same initiatives help you get the inspiration for the new projects and helps you find a solution to your long pertaining problems.

Kudos to the entire CNCF team for a great event!

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