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Cloudify Version 5.1 Goes Live, Aims to Expedite Cloud Modernization


Open-source orchestration and automation platform Cloudify has just launched the latest version of its product — v5.1. Cloudify’s latest version 5.1 aims to ease the process of cloud migration and multi-cloud orchestration by fully removing the general silos and roadblocks associated with the process. 

As enterprises all over the world are rapidly trying to undergo a digital transformation, a majority is choosing the hybrid cloud path to leverage cloud’s potential. However, hybrid cloud environments come with their own set of challenges that mainly plague the on-premise part of the hybrid setup. Cloudify aims to resolve the problem by pulling down the silos between public cloud and on-premise. 

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Cloudify has built upon its Environment-as-a-Service feature by enabling organizations to break down automation silos. The latest iteration of the product aims to achieve this by bringing all automation frameworks under a common automation scheme that the company has dubbed as “Everything as Code.” 

Version 5.1 also brings updates for plugins such as Kubernetes, Ansible, AWX, and Terraform wherein users can continue using the frameworks and Cloudify will act as an overlay that provides visibility into and interoperability between the frameworks. Cloudify is also targeting the simplification of automation and governance across hybrid and public clouds by bringing out a new service composition called DSL. It allows users to turn existing templates into high-level reusable environments, and all the applications with similar config can use these. The entire process brings down task deployment time to hours from weeks and brings huge cost savings for the enterprise.   

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Ariel Dan, the CEO of Cloudify, spoke about the update stating, “Cloudify’s version 5 release cycle allows organizations to speed up the time it takes to adopt new cloud services while implementing the same functionality on their private clouds. By integrating with existing automation and management frameworks we were able to dramatically increase cloud migration and management processes. Version 5.0 saw our first service composition technology which created the foundation for modeling a system that consists of multiple orchestration domains – this latest release sees the delivery of many out-of-the-box integrations with popular orchestration frameworks in each domain.” 

Cloudify 5.1 also comes with out-of-box integration for Kubernetes clusters, CI/CD tools, and automation tools, as well as all cloud environments, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, and VMware. 

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