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Cloud technologies will drive your cars in 2020


Car_Revolution_cloud_technologiesIn 1886, When Bertha Benz took the keys and ignites the engine, firmly pressing the clutch and about to have the first ride of a car in the history of mankind. While driving the first-ever car, she would have never thought that the future will unfold the self-driving cars. Moreover, her father wasn’t aware of how modern cars will look like and what kind of technology it will possess in its arsenal. 

If you tell them that in the future, cars can run without any driver, they can talk like a being, entertain you, and will ensure safety and comfort. They might end the conversation by having a laugh at you. However, all the feature that is mention above is a reality or is in beta phase. No matter how vivid your imagination is, it is very likely to be present in the beta phase or a prototype ready to be produced at scale.

Modern-day automakers acknowledge the technological advancements. The automakers are working with the software developers to create a colloidal solution of cars and cloud computing that can yield more safety, comfort, and entertainment. The fusion of car and cloud technology is not new but is evolving very quickly due to the cooperation and partnership between the automotive industry and software developers.

To keep up with the fast-changing environment, automakers are relying on cloud technology than ever to accelerate and improve the driving experience since customers’ exigence points to fully integrated cars.

Since we spend 7% of our life driving a car, then why not relish it. 

How cloud technology help cars to be smart?

After turning of millennia, the most significant change that has occurred in our cars is the way we interact with them.

Nowadays, the cars we purchase are tightly bound with features that are powered by cloud technology. For instance: most electric cars share information with remote data centers to inform the driver about the traffic, weather conditions, and the nearest charging point to recharge the battery.

Cloud technology in automobiles has a lot of possibilities. It is an idiosyncratic set up to scale, manage, and update features and services efficiently with a connected unit. 

Automobile companies are developing and adapting their connectivity software persistently to provide an immersive experience to their customers with better interaction between the cloud, the car, and smartphones using the infotainment center as the primary interface.

Is this the correct time to thanks cloud for making our cars safe and smart?

Volvo is setting a benchmark for how you can utilize cloud services to a car for important purposes other than entertainment. 

For several years, the Swedish giant car manufacturer has been working on its technology to provide the safest experience while driving using the highest security standards. 

Now, Volvo is planning to give what market actually needs; probably the safest automobile in the world with the best driving experience by using the latest cloud technology in cars.

Recently, many car manufacturers using cloud tech to bridge the gap between the customer’s phone and their car. Right now, users can pre-heat or pre-cool their vehicle, lock and unlock, and even remote control the car for parking. 

Soon smartphones will be used as a digital key to open and start the car. Moreover, you will be able to generate and share temporary keys to your family and friends when you share your car with them, check directions or fuel level from any device. 

Roadside assistance is also assisted by the cloud to provide alerts in real-time to the driver to prevent accidents on icy or slippery roads. This information is shared simultaneously with nearby drivers and road maintenance authorities to warn them.


Units will be equipped with a danger alert feature to let you know if there are other vehicles on the road with their hazard lights on so you can reduce the vehicle speed beforehand to avoid a possible collision.

Recently, many tech giants are working with car manufacturers to build self-driving technology. By using cloud-based 3D digital maps, your car will receive all the information it needs to drive on its own; efficient fuel consumption according to road conditions. 

With an unsupervised autonomous mode, you can rely on the performance of your car while reading a newspaper or preparing a report for work. Thanks to the interaction with cloud technology, the car will be able to accelerate, brake, and steer without your supervision.

Is there a risk that cars will become so dependent on cloud-based technologies?

Nothing comes easy in life. Even Santa comes with a Clause. Yeah, some risks must be addressed by automakers while designing these types of vehicles. 

The biggest threat is their vulnerability to a hacker’s attack. Since a car can not afford software failures while driving, it is very important that the elasticity; which is essential for cloud performance, can respond immediately to any system error in the car to protect the passenger’s life.

There may be another risk if a smartphone connected to your car is stolen. In this scenario, the cloud should be able to block and track the vehicle with the stolen smartphone.

Cars are evolving very quickly with cloud technology. Still, there is room for improvement since it hasn’t explored to its full potential. So, we must wait a little while to experience this promising technology in our daily life since all new technologies are not for everyone when they are launched into the market. 


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