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Optimization: The last piece to your cloud adoption puzzle


Cloud computing has entered the early mainstream phase of adoption; which means that it is gaining market share and is widely accepted as a legitimate technology model to pursue by most organizations.

Your organization’s cloud adoption journey will be unique. Your particular circumstances, priorities, and obligations will shape the path you take; and determine how best to plan and adopt new technologies and environments.

We introduced you with a cloud adoption strategy with simple to implement steps like ‘Assessment,’ ‘Planning,’ ‘Migration,’ and ‘Optimization.’ Understand the final phase of this strategy, i.e., ‘Optimization’ to make your cloud journey as smooth as possible.

Once you’ve got your workloads in the cloud, how do you optimize it for performance and cost-effectiveness? Take the time to govern, monitor, and optimize your resources to minimize cost and run those resources in the best way; this can become a differentiator against your competitors.

Migrated workloads require Cloud Governance

Cloud governance is defined as the process by which policies and management expectations are set, maintained, and effectively communicated through an organization. This is achieved through the precise definition and enforcement of policy and role management.

Monitoring of the entire cloud environment

Cloud monitoring is the process of reviewing and managing the operational workflow and procedures within a cloud infrastructure or asset. It’s generally implemented through automated monitoring software that gives central access and control over the cloud infrastructure.

Gain a clear end-to-end view of performance, end-user experience, and business impact of applications, networks, systems, and other resources on and off the cloud.

Optimization – the last piece to your cloud puzzle

At this stage, most of the workloads are migrated and capabilities extended to optimize processes and enable revenue. At this stage, selected applications redesigned to take maximum advantage of the cloud. It is the stage where IT transforms itself and business to expand and enable its portfolio by taking real advantage of the cloud.

This is the phase to iterate through continuous service improvement. In this stage, your key steps should be able to optimize cost, resources based on proper monitoring of the cloud with granular visibility.

Cloud can’t be optimized simply by switching vendors. Real optimization only comes through detailed analytics and consistent measuring against every cloud resource.


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