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How to choose a right Cloud Migration Strategy


In the age of digital transformation, an increasing number of businesses are choosing to move their workloads onto the cloud. In fact, experts estimate that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the year 2020.

What is Cloud Migration?

Typically, “cloud migration” refers to the transition from on-premises; or legacy infrastructure (i.e. technology that is outdated but still in use) to the cloud; but it can also be used to describe a move from one cloud to another cloud.

Why Migrate to The Cloud?

One major bonus of moving to the cloud is that it can help accelerate data transfers which in turn can reduce the costs associated with network bandwidth. This technology has also been found to significantly lower the risk of downtime for the end-user. Furthermore, cloud migration can limit storage consumption, and this can bring down the costs of storage and data transfer.

Making the Right Move

The process of cloud migration requires quite a lot of preparation so it’s important to have a plan in order to save costs and to gain greater flexibility. Preparing a comprehensive cloud migration strategy will ensure minimal disruption and will help you to stick within your budget. It is also key to invest time in learning about the three main types of migration so that you are fully informed about your options.

Discover More

If you have been given the responsibility of selecting a cloud migration strategy, then you should certainly check out the infographic guide below from ERS IT Solutions. This graphic covers the key steps of choosing a cloud migration; the main types of migration strategy that you can choose from; and also looks at the benefits of moving to the cloud.


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