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Cloud Cost Optimization During and After COVID-19

Cloud Cost Optimization

Global pandemic has slowed down everything, isn’t it? But not everything, technology has made it possible to thrive in the unprecedented times. The sudden surge in cloud usage has left end-users with cloud cost sprawl which is affecting them adversely than anything in present time. So, here is how you can optimize your cloud costs during COVID-19 and continue doing so after that.

Financial Uncertainty

Financial uncertainty is a real struggle, even when organizations are doing their best. In the present time, there are two factors that brought everyone’s focus on cloud cost optimization.

Reasons why there is a sudden surge in cloud usage

One – the present global financial conditions as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and second – the accelerating adoption of cloud services. Both raised concerns on how to optimize cloud costs. Don’t worry, we have figured it out for you.

Discounts – Assess before putting pen to paper

The discounts offered by cloud providers may seem tempting but evaluate the goals or your usage. See the clear picture, cloud providers are dying to lock in your cloud usage, and your priority is to save every penny.

Cut down ties from unnecessary resources

Focus on rightsizing the resources. “Cutting down ties from resources” also pinpoints to de-provisioning the unused storage, identifying the latest lower-cost instances, or shutting down instances after working hours.

Understand the cost of software licenses

The cost of applications that you are running in cloud may be affected significantly by traditional software licenses. So, optimizing the license use while running applications in cloud becomes crucial.

Use Cloud Management Platform (CMP)

You can plug-n-play the SaaS-based platforms now to know exactly where you can cut down costs. Although a CMP will charge too but that will be nothing as compared to your monthly wastage.

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