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Cisco Updates Intersight Platform, Brings Kubernetes, AppDynamics Integration


Cisco has recently announced new updates that aim to simplify and better hybrid and multi-cloud environment capabilities. The updates include improvements to the Intersight systems management platform as well. The Intersight platform is a cloud-based management platform for Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) and HyperFlex Systems.  

As the nature of workspaces undergoes a transformation, Cisco aims to bring forth a new level of efficiency to cloud, applications, SecOps, NetOps, and DevOps teams. The company is aiming to provide its users with complete visibility from the application to the infrastructure, to give them the best cloud experience. The updates released aim to deliver the same. 

Cisco’s updates also include new capabilities in the Intersight Workload Optimizer and it has also been integrated with AppDynamics. The company also brought new features to the Intersight Kubernetes Services. Further, Cisco has also launched its Nexus Dashboard to drive the adoption of cloud-native application practices. Cisco has taken a significant plunge into the container ecosystem by driving application innovation.  

The new Intersight Kubernetes Service will help in automating lifecycle management of Kubernetes and containerized applications across hybrid environments. The new capabilities of the Intersight Workload Optimizer will simplify application resources management. Cisco claims the new features enable customers to balance application performance and cost by providing real-time, full-stack visibility, and insights. With the integration of Intersight with AppDynamics, users can have improved visibility across infrastructure and applications.  

Other updates include the new Cisco Nexus Dashboard, which is a consolidated platform that will manage multi-cloud data center networks, on either on-premise, virtual, or on cloud sites. Cisco has also released its Identity Services Engine (ISE) that aims to provide secure network access to users. They can use ISE to identify the IoT endpoints and enforce consistent policies.   

Todd Nightingale, SVP and GM at Cisco Enterprise Networking and Cloud, talked about the latest updates, and said, “complexity can paralyze our teams. Our systems can no longer be powerful, but brittle. For IT to be as agile as their businesses require, they need solutions obsessed with simplicity. This year, technology groups around the globe were tested by unprecedented change. This fundamental shift in how businesses, schools and governments operate requires IT, teams, to transform how they function. Today, Cisco is announcing IT platforms for multi-cloud operations that provide advanced insights and automation to help organizations transform faster.” 

Cisco is also building a “Central Nervous System of IT,” which it claims will automate applications, infrastructure, and network as well as integrate artificial intelligence with “AIOps.” Cisco reported that its ISE innovations are available for users right now. The new Intersight features and the Cisco Nexus Dashboard will be available by this year-end, and Cisco Intersight Kubernetes Service will be available in the first half of 2021.  


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