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Chemist Warehouse Looks To Cloud Tech To Power Omnichannel Experience for Customers


Chemist Warehouse, an Australian Pharmacy retailer, felt the need to switch to Cloud technology as it planned to expand across the world. The pharmacy first set up its operations in Ireland in 2019 and gradually switched to Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 ERP platform.

The beauty of cloud technology is its scalability and agility to streamline processes and reduce costs. The steady growth that propelled Chemist Warehouse to 500 franchises would not have been possible without shifting to a cloud-based platform.

The first step when an organization tries to provide an omnichannel experience to its consumers is switching to cloud. The cloud tech is responsible for centralizing the whole system and its operations. This is a huge step towards developing operational efficiency. It also provides an ideal solution for pharmacies to use the data for Research & Development (R&D) and drive innovation in the healthcare sector.

Chemist Warehouse CIO Jules Cardinale said, “this transformation will ensure that all of our international franchises would operate on one platform, solving for any operational barriers, no matter their location. This will allow us to consistently manage and maintain the various systems across the world using best practice infrastructure with greater availability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness than what our on-premise solution could afford us.”

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The shift to Cloud allowed Chemist Warehouse to boost its end-to-end operations, better manage franchises and supply chain operations, and add essential pharmacy retail components. Overall, it helped increase the efficiency of workflow and ultimately resulted in improved ROI.

The pharmacy retailer is also set to further adopt emerging technology, such as virtual and augmented reality. Previously, they had their own data centers, but now the data is stored on AWS servers. This data transfer allows the company to seamlessly run an application at any location, be it a store, warehouse, inside the datacenter, or in cloud.

Additionally, cloud technology has also enabled Chemist Warehouse to bring new features for its customers. One of them is Clinical Care Engine, a system that analyzes a customer’s basket and identifies potential risks, such as contradictions between different medicines or products.

They are also exploring artificial intelligence to analyze customers’ data and integrate it for deeper insights. In the long run, the analyzed data and insights will bring better health and well-being facilities for customers.

Chemist Warehouse aims to complete its Cloud transformation by 2022. Cardinale talked about the omnichannel approach of the company and said, “omnichannel is about receiving or buying goods from us in any way you want, whether that be click and collect in-store or click and deliver. We’re continuing to expand our capabilities to ensure our customers are getting what they need when and where they please.”

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