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Google Cloud’s Anthos Is Now Generally Available For AWS

Continuing to enhance the capabilities of its hybrid and multi-cloud Anthos platform, Google Cloud today announced the general availability of Anthos on AWS.

Google Cloud Hits Home Run In MLB, AWS Punch-Out

Google Cloud has hit the home run. MLB (Major League Baseball) has benched AWS (Amazon Web Services) and chose GCP (Google Cloud Platform) as...

Google Cloud Platform experiences an EPIC shock in healthcare industry

The headline of the story Friday brought some bad news for Google as the medical records giant Epic's account reps announce that they want to...

Ok! Google…. What are the Kubernetes best practices?

Kubernetes announced itself to the world when it brought containerized app management a few years back. Now, the majority of the developer community is...

Why Google Cloud hasn’t picked up in India yet?

As the rise of the Indian Economy digitally, enterprises like small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and startups are trying to embrace intelligent, scalable, agile,...


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