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Baidu Launches Quantum Leaf, Enters the Quantum-infrastructure-as-a-Service Market


Chinese tech giant Baidu has just announced the launch of Quantum Leaf. As is evident from the name, Baidu states that Quantum Leaf is a quantum computing platform designed for programming, simulating, and executing quantum workloads. However, what makes Quantum Leaf special is that it is a cloud-based platform, and Baidu will deliver it as a quantum-infrastructure-as-a-service (QaaS).

The launch of Quantum Leaf comes close at the heels of the launch of Paddle Quantum launched by Baidu in early 2020. The Paddle Quantum is a development toolkit that helps users train and develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) within quantum computing applications. Coming back to Quantum Leaf, Baidu says its launch complements that launch of Paddle Quantum.

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Quantum computing holds immense potential for several computing sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and cryptography. The superposition and entanglement principles can potentially provide an immense advantage to researchers in the development of AI.

Quantum Leaf comes with QCompute open source SDK, which is based on Python and comes with hybrid programming language and a high-performance simulator. The prebuilt objects and modules in quantum computing environment of Quantum Leaf allow users to build and execute quantum circuits on the simulator or cloud simulators and hardware.

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Other than Quantum Leaf, Baidu also launched a “cloud-based quantum pulse computing service” called Quanlse. As per Baidu, Quanlse will provide a service design and implement pulse sequences as part of quantum tasks, essentially acting as a connector between hardware and software. Pulse sequences act as a method of reducing quantum error arising from decoherence or quantum noise.

The launch of Quantum Leaf and Quanlse by Baidu comes amid recent major developments in the Quantum cloud computing industry. Xanadu, a Canada-based company, recently launched world’s first photonic quantum cloud platform. Other major players are already in the quantum computing game with Amazon Web Services bringing out its Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service, earlier this year. Google also launched its TensorFlow Quantum earlier this year, which is “an open-source library for the rapid prototyping of quantum ML models.”

With major players now entering the quantum cloud computing market, expect other major announcements on this front. Stay connected with us for every major and minor update regarding the cloud industry!

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