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Microsoft Speeds Up Efforts to Bring Azure Data Explorer (ADX) To The Front


Microsoft Azure has announced various updates for its Azure Data Explorer (ADX), and is now finally bringing it to the Azure analytics mainstream. The Redmond-based giant made these announcements during an online event dedicated solely to ADX. Experts consider ADX to be a hidden gem in Azure’s portfolio. These updates will ensure that the service reaches a wider audience.

What is Azure Data Explorer (ADX)?

ADX is a fast and scalable analytics service. One of the key features of ADX is analyzing structured and unstructured data for instant insights. It also improves query handling for users handling raw data.

All new performance level

Microsoft has brought out a new version of the core engine in ADX. The core engine will help improve query data. Kusto v3, the core engine, will help generate multiple versions of desired query. The core concept involves compiling desired query to native code before execution to achieve better speeds. Tweaking the indexing layer in v3 engine has also helped ADX achieve faster queries in the range between 2x and 30x.

Handful of new integrations

1. Data Integration

ADX has been updated with support for Apache Kafka and certified by Confluent with Gold Certificate. Fluent Bit and ADX have also announced an integration via Azure Blob Storage. This integration will help deliver data automatically. Earlier, Microsoft had announced one-click ingestion for ADX in preview, but it has been made generally available now.

2. Data Visualization

ADX users now get the all-new native dashboard for data visualization. The dashboard update was long due from Azure, it was something that users were demanding since the launch of service. The dashboard enables users to pin queries as tiles. A graphic query builder has also been provided as an add-on, which is facilitated by Grafana via another integration.

A background player for Azure’s popular services

No doubt the new updates will enhance the performance and power of ADX, but has been great since inception. It is interesting to note that ADX is actually powers service like Azure Monitor, Microsoft Intune, Azure Times Series Insights, and Dynamics 365 Product Insights. ADX is a part of Microsoft Kusto’s Technology.

The growth reported by ADX also justifies service’s worth. In January, Microsoft announced that ADX cumulative data volume was 1 Exabyte (equivalent to one million Terabytes). So, it is just a matter of a handful of more updates before ADX will be acknowledged by a wider user base.

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