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AWS VPC Elastic IP service limits should not be breached


AWS service limits are restrictions put on the number of resources that a particular user can consume. These restrictions are imposed to prevent new users from utilizing way too much on resources. Having said that, Amazon VPC is the virtual network service that too has certain limits defined for its resources per region per user (for each AWS account). Let us first deep dive into the usage limits of AWS VPC Elastic IPs.

What are AWS VPC Elastic IPs?

AWS VPC elastic IPs are static IPv4 based IP addresses which are used for the purpose of dynamic cloud computing. Elastic IP addresses can be associated with any number of resources such as instances or network interfaces for any VPC in your AWS account. You can use these IPs to mask the failure of your resources.

Elastic IPs can rapidly remap the resource address to another similar resource in your VPC. For e.g. – you can remap a failed instance address to another instance address associated with a VPC in your cloud.

Track your Elastic IPs service limit for better resource management

There is a defaut limit on the no. of Elastic IPs that you can have in a particular AWS region. Users should be aware of that limit which will help them avoid the misuse of resources thus, contributing to a healthy cloud environment.

Default limit
Elastic IP addresses per Region 5 This is the limit for the number of Elastic IP addresses for use in EC2-VPC.


Centilytics provides a dedicated insight on the service limits of your Elastic IPs allowed in a particular region. This helps users to manage their cloud resources more efficiently.

Insight descriptions:

Severity Description
CRITICAL This indication will be displayed when the user has breached 100% of the specified limit of the corresponding resource.
WARNING This indication will be displayed when the user has breached 80% of the specified limit of the corresponding resource.
OK This indication will be displayed when the user has breached less than 80% of the specified limit of the corresponding resource.


Description of further columns are as follows:

  1. Account Id: This column shows the respective account ID of the user’s account.AWS Lambda-s44
  2. Account Name: This column shows the corresponding account name to the user’s account.AWS VPC ss2
  3. Region: This column shows the region in which the corresponding resource exists.AWS VPC ss32
  4. Limit Amount: This column shows the limit of the resource which is available. Here, the limit refers to the no. of available VPC elastic IPs that a user can use.AWS VPC ss55
  5. Current usage: This column shows the current usage level of the corresponding resourceAWS VPC ss555
  6. Service: This column shows the type of service limit.AWS VPC ss878

Compliances covered:

Compliance Name Reference No. Link
Trusted Advisor https://console.aws.amazon.com/trustedadvisor/home?#/category/service-limits


Filters applicable:

Filter Name Description
Account Id Applying the account Id filter will display all the resources for the selected account Id.
Region Applying the region filter will display all the resources corresponding to the selected region.
Severity Applying severity filter will display the resources according to the selected severity type i.e. selecting critical will display all resources with critical severity. Same will be the case for Warning and Ok severity types.


Read More:

[1] https://docs.aws.amazon.com/vpc/latest/userguide/vpc-eips.html

[2] https://docs.aws.amazon.com/vpc/latest/userguide/amazon-vpc-limits.html


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