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AWS, SAP, and Tech Mahindra Guide Indian Government To Cloud Computing


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Governments all over the world are moving to Cloud services, albeit at their own pace. In the same series of developments, Tech Mahindra is guiding the Indian Government’s Central Public Works Department (CPWD) through its Cloud transformation journey. AWS and SAP are the technology partners involved in this venture.

What is the Deal All About?

Whether it is EU, US, Japan, or Australia, Cloud migration and computing has been at the center of the debate. Now India too is entering the room with the Tech Mahindra, AWS, and SAP partnership. The CPWD has been around even before India became independent, and is one of the most important departments under the Central Government. The move to take CPWD into the digital era is in line with Government of India’s (GoI’s) Digital India campaign.

India CPWD Cloud Migration

Satyendra Gupta, the director of enterprise resource planning at CPWD, talked about the venture in an interview with theCUBE, ” All of our system is going to be automatic. By the click of the button, we will be able to get all the inputs, all the reports with what is going on across the country.” Speaking at the same interview, Gautam Chatterjee, sales leader of the India public sector at Tech Mahindra Ltd., stated ” We understood the challenges. We understood the number of users, number of iterations, number of redundancies, the kind of high availability they will require in times of the business difficulty of the applications.”

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CPWD’s Journey To Cloud

Speaking of challenges, bringing one of the most essential departments of Government of India to the Cloud is a very daunting task. The sheer scale and expanse of operations in a country as geographically and linguistically varied as India makes this task even more delicate. The model creation was undertaken through meticulous research, planning, and coordination between Tech Mahindra, CPWD, and other technology partners.

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Cloud Migration India

Talking of the technology involved, HANA implementation was brought about by roping in SAP Software as a Service (SaaS). Whereas compute and storage solutions were provided by AWS. Not just this, AWS also provided all other third-party tools for performance, testing, management, and monitoring as a Platform as a Service (PaaS). Speaking on this further, Mr. Chaterjee stated, ” AWS, Tech Mahindra, and SAP, all three of us together arrived at a complete solutions architecture and the optimization of the whole solution. [The] overall impact comes to CPWD as the customer, [delivering] the ultimate results and the business output they deserve.”

Now that GoI’s CPWD has successfully established its automated Cloud setup, it can act as a motivator and precedent for other branches of the government to embrace Cloud computing. As already mentioned, GoI’s campaign of Digital India aims to make government services available to citizens via electronic medium, and Cloud computing is the way forward for achieving the goal. Tie this GoI-AWS-SAP-Tech Mahindra venture with the JEDI-Azure deal closed in the US in 2019, and the importance of Cloud computing for governments all over the world becomes even more pronounced.

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