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AWS Looks Forward To Opportunities in Space


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is already an established leader in the cloud computing sector. However, despite acquiring the top spot in its sector, tech giant Amazon’s cloud arm does not appear to be in any mood for a pause. The company is now squarely eyeing space opportunities, with a clear target of long-term projects involving huge profits.

In order to build a strong leadership for its space division, AWS recently appointed Peter Marquez as the first-ever Head of Space policy at AWS. Teresa Carlson, Vice President of AWS’ Worldwide Public Sector and Regulated Markets Business, confirmed this via a tweet.

Peter Marquez is a former White House official who also served as Vice President for both Orbital Sciences Corporation and Planetary Resources Inc. Interestingly, he was also a space advisor for Netflix’s Original comedy series – “Space Force.” In the past, he has also served as the director of space policy for White House’s National Security Council. The nature of work involved and Marquez’s past experiences made him the most viable choice to head AWS in the space sector.

AWS’s recent efforts in Space sector

Back in June 2020, AWS announced that the creation of a new unit called Aerospace and Satellite Solutions, headed by former US Air Force Major General Clint Crosier. Crosier was clearly impressed with the current project, as was evident in his statement to CNBC, “we find ourselves in the most exciting time in space since the Apollo missions.”

AWS’ client history displays that the company has experience in handling customers from both public and private sectors in the space industry. The new unit Aerospace and Satellite Solutions seeks to add to these efforts by offering a wide array of services for this industry. AWS plans to offer services in areas such as rocket launches, human spaceflight support, robotic systems, mission control operations, space stations, and satellite networks.

AWS venture into the space industry has been quite strategic. It launched the AWS Ground Station service in November 2018. The service is now used by key industry players such as NASA (for its Jet Propulsion Laboratory), satellite operators such as Iridium Communications, and Spire Global. AWS’ parent company Amazon had recently announced a mammoth $10 billion investment in its Project Kuiper, wherein it plans to launch a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites. This division will directly compete with SpaceX Starlink owned by Elon Musk.

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