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AWS Creates New Wavelength Zones in Seattle, Denver


After South Korea, Amazon Web Services has now extended its edge computing service — Wavelength — to Denver and Seattle. The cloud giant made this announcement via a blog post on 28 December. The two new zones in the states of Colorado and Washington take the total number of Wavelength zones to 10 cities with Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington DC being the other cities.

Wavelength will be available on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband in the two new zones of Denver and Seattle. Wavelength works by AWS deploying its infrastructure inside the data centers of the carriers in order to achieve lower latency. Here’s how AWS described the working of Wavelength:

“Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services at the edge of communications service providers’ 5G networks while providing seamless access to cloud services running in an AWS Region. By doing so, AWS Wavelength minimizes the latency and network hops required to connect from a 5G device to an application hosted on AWS. Among the many ultra-low latency use cases that Wavelength enables are 5G applications for smart manufacturing, industrial automation, autonomous driving, and applications that deliver interactive and immersive experiences, like game streaming, virtual reality, and in-venue experiences for live events.”

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Wavelength aims to bring AWS services to the edge of the 5G network to cut down on latency issues. It enables developers to serve edge computing use cases that require ultra-low latency, for example — machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and video and game streaming. AWS developers can deploy their applications to Wavelength Zones to cut down on the latency hoops that their application traffic would typically go through. Thus, customers can fully benefit from the speed advantage that 5G has to offer.

One of the prominent users of Wavelength services is Verizon’s own company Skyward, which uses the service to increase the efficiency of drones by reducing the amount of hardware present on drones. Other customers of Wavelength include HARMAN and Inception XR.

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