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AWS Community Builders Program Announced, Read Details


AWS (Amazon Web Services) announced its Community Builders Program on 30 July. The new initiative by the Cloud services giant is aimed at encouraging the community around AWS solutions, and fostering a structured mechanism for exchange of ideas. Channy Yun, the Principal Developer Advocate for AWS, announced the creation of Community Builders Program via a blog post.

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Significance of Community Programs

While AWS enthusiasts already have a very strong community on multiple forums such as Reddit and Stack Overflow among others, AWS taking an initiative will formalize things. Community contributions have been the backbone of many organizations in the past too. Whether it is a consumer electronics brand such as Xiaomi, or a game developer such as Valve, community contributions have and continue to fuel their success.

What is AWS Community Builders Program?

Further, other than bringing up new ideas, community engagement also ensures varied support for customers. While the AWS community members on multiple platforms do bring their individual expertise to the table, AWS creating a program for them will potentially create more room for added expertise. Further, the Community Builders Program also has the potential to add a certain flavor of mentorship to the entire community. The program will also offer technical resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to its members.

Here’s what AWS said while making the program announcement, “We continue to be amazed by the enthusiasm for AWS knowledge sharing in technical communities. Many experienced AWS advocates are passionate about helping others build on AWS by sharing their challenges, success stories, and code. Others who are newer to AWS are showing a similar enthusiasm for community building and are asking how they can get more involved in community activities. These builders are seeking better ways to connect with one another, share best practices, and receive resources & mentorship to help improve community knowledge sharing.”

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How To Join the Program?

The Community Builders Program membership is open for applications to “any individual who is passionate about building on AWS.” AWS also mentioned that it will accept application from “all regions, demographics, and underrepresented communities.” The number of applicants that can sign up for this program is limited on an annual basis, although the exact number is not specified. Willing participants can sign up here

Further, while there is no criteria for joining the program as such, the blog post states, “applications will generally be reviewed for evidence and accuracy of technical content, such as blog posts, open source contributions, presentations, online knowledge sharing, and community organization efforts, such as hosting AWS Community Days, AWS User Groups, or other community-based events.”

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Benefits of Community Builders Program

Other than community engagement, the blog post informing about the commencement of program lists out three benefits mentioned below:

  • Access to AWS product teams and information about new services and features
  • Mentorship from AWS subject matter experts on a variety of topics, including content creation, community building, and securing speaking engagements
  • AWS Promotional Credits and other helpful resources to support content creation and community-based work

Lastly, it is good to see major Cloud service providers taking the initiative to cultivate a structured community around their services. We hope AWS Community Builders Program creates even stronger community dedicated to Cloud services. Do watch this space for additional coverage regarding AWS Community Builders Program.


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