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Amazon Web Services Experiences Outage, Major Customers Impacted


According to Amazon’s Service Health Dashboard, Amazon Web Services suffered an outage impacting several apps and sites, including Roku and Adobe. The outage also made it difficult to update the health dashboard. The service disruption affected more than 24 services and made them unusable for the customers that used Amazon Kinesis Data Streams. Amazon Kinesis collects, processes, and analyses real-time data to get timely insights regarding new information. Multiple AWS customers including hardware company Roku, software distributer Adobe’s spark platform, video-hosting service Flickr, Baltimore Sun newspaper, and iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner app were among the ones that were hit by the outage.

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AWS updated its Service Health Dashboard at 0636 hours on 25 November that its engineers are “investigating increased error rates” for Amazon Kinesis. Certain other AWS services that rely on Kinesis Data Streams have also been affected by the outage including, EventBridge (an event bus that makes it easier to connect applications together), Amazon Elastic Container Service (fully managed container orchestration service), and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service.

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AWS is the largest cloud services provider being second only to Microsoft and Google Cloud. Amazon Web Services has an impressive roster of customers that is growing by the day. The cloud giant also registered an increase of 29 percent in their cloud sales in the third quarter.

In a post on Health Dashboard, Amazon said, “over the past two hours, we have continued to bring more traffic in to Kinesis Data Streams, which is leading to a gradual recovery of applications that use Kinesis directly, as well as dependent services within the US-EAST-1 Region. We are bringing traffic in more slowly than anticipated while we closely monitor each change to ensure continued stability. We expect that over the next few hours, we will complete restoring Kinesis Data Streams to normal operations. CloudWatch metrics remain delayed in the US-EAST-1 Region. Once we have restored the throttles for Kinesis to previous levels, we will be restoring CloudWatch metrics functionality. We expect to see recovery of CloudWatch metrics at that stage for new incoming metrics, but the backlog of metrics may take additional time to populate.”

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Most of the companies being affected by AWS’s outage took on social media platforms to inform their consumers regarding the outage and intermittent issues.


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